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Application for Membership: The Scooby Gang.

Name: Naomi (and now I suppose someone's going to steal my identity and all my money now they know my first name :p )

Screen name: Jussacgirl, J-girl

Birthday: 2nd June 1982

Star sign: Psycho Gemini.

Life History until this point: None. I came down to earth with the last shower.

Reason for wanting membership: I want people to tell me I’m hawt

Swoonage object ... ONE? Not happening. Sean Bean, Harold Perrineau Jr, Joaquin Phoenix, Johnny Lee Miller, Jude Law, Rupert Everett (*sigh* what a waste of manflesh*) Ralph Fiennes, Dominic West...

Favourite chocolate flavour: Chocolate

Favourite Alcoholic beverage: cold and wet

Person/Object that incites foaming at the mouth hatred: Barney. I hate that damn dinosaur.

Disney prince that you swoon for the most: Disney sucks. Yay for Dreamworks!

Favourite stolen quote: Curse ye for breathin’, ye slack-jawed idiot!

If you were a sue, what fandom would she be from and who will she ‘communicate’ with: LOTR and she’d cast one of those spells on Boromir that involve oral sex and end with him being able to “understand the Elvish tongue.”

If someone gave you a sexy Boromir blow up doll for your birthday, what would you do with it? : * Censored *

Person you would most like to stalk: Christopher Lee. I can bide my time with the younger celebrities :p

The most embarrassing song that you like a lot: I Just Wanna Be Close To You- Eomer

What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow? Blue. No, wait-

Favourite Scooby moment: Eomer’s Funky Chicken of Despair

Your feelings on pie and quiche: … they’re yummy?

Complete the sentence:

Viggo has what looks like a small hairy creature crawling up one of his nostrils

Harry Potter is an overrated franchise

The inventor of codpieces was Richard II and had very bad taste in fashion

The wooden horse… was full of sexy half-nekkid Greeks?

Delph has a freaky obsession with codpiece-clad jailbait

I have a freaky obsession with men in riding boots and leather gloves

King Arthur is a craptastic movie

And finally, what is your quest?I seek the Holy Grail

Attach sexytastic photo here:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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