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The Xyla Meet - Mylla's Account

15th May, 2002

There's got to be a better way of spending a morning than looking at dead people's brains. No really, there must be. Perhaps if I were to go cover myself with honey and sit on an ant's nest, that might be more fun?

Yes, okay, there are MILLIONS of cranial nerves and they all go somewhere and I have to know exactly where… I've got AGES till exams, I'll learn it in Stuvac! Just hurry up already! Man, it's bad enough that I have to work on a stupid group project - on ACTION POTENTIALS of all things - instead of seeing FOTR again, must they torture me with cranial nerves also?

Of course… if this were to finish early… and if my group were to agree to meet early… Hm.

Yes! Who needs to stand around and try to actually remember all this stuff anyway? I'll get a good textbook.

But I still don't have time to get there for the start of the movie with this group project. And how silly is it to go halfway through? What if I can't find them in the cinema? I've only met these girls once, after all - this Xyla gal not at all - and cinemas are dark and so on.

I've got it - delegation!

Whee! Freedom!

My group looked a little bewildered. I suppose it was a bit of a whirlwind - "No, of course we don't need to meet now. Here. I do Methods. You do Introduction and Conclusion. You two - oh, just do all the results. Between you. Yeah, figure it out amongst yourselves. Sure we'll meet on Friday. Oh, but I won't be here. Bye!"

And I'm skipping a meeting of my uni Christian group, too. What is with me? Mylla does not do things like this!

Yet here I am looking for a bus to Town Hall…

Whew, okay, I can do this. On a bus… perfectly calm. I'm sure I'll see the cinemas. (I hate buses. How are you supposed to know when to get off them?)

This place is big! Wow, does that Star Wars movie really come out today? Heh.

But how am I supposed to find them?

And then there are these three girls walking out of the café nearby… it's them, isn't it? Isn't it? I've never seen the tall confident girl before. But surely…

"Um, hi?" And no, it's not them because they all look horribly confused - then YES! the penny drops. Whew.

And I wasn't imagining things last time. They pronounce my name wrong. :eek: Or maybe I pronounce my name wrong? That's more likely. I'm terrible with pronounciations.

Could I laugh any harder? This is so irreverant. So wrong. And yet SO much fun!

I've just laughed at every single possible reference to every single joke I've ever heard. Not to mention the new ones. Rivendell… quiet moment with Aragorn and a book… and J-girl leans over to me and says "His moustache grows up his nose."

It does, too! How does she do it? She's always spot-on and hilarious - ah, well. I just about had a fit laughing.

And that's not even to mention Xyla, on my other side - every 5 minutes or so she'd sink down in her seat and mutter "OMG he's SO hot!" Wow, a real live swooner. I'm definitely in awe. In a can't-stop-laughing kind of way.

(I say nothing about the fact that I knew in advance when to turn and look at her to see her swoon. :eek: )

And then the trailer (3rd time!) and my day is complete.

Scrap that. No day could possibly be complete without sitting in Starbucks having a piercingly loud conversation about LOTR. And Imladris. Mylla definitely doesn't do things like this. She's always embarrassed talking about her obsessions in public. But what the heck! It's infiltrated my mind anyway. When you start hearing Gordon's voice in public toilet doors you know there's problems. And when it suddenly seems a good idea to throw open the Starbuck's doors, Aragorn-trailer-style - well, that's just worse. But at least I stopped myself from doing it. And at least I wasn't the only one - Delphine said she thought it'd be a good idea too.

(Mylla's editing note, Sept 7th: She honestly did!)

One quote that will forever stick with me. Xyla: "Viggo Mortenson has a 20-year-old girlfriend - and I'm sorry, but she's SO not prettier than me."

Home again, home again. And where was I this afternoon? "Oh, I had Coffee with Friends."

Well, I did. :o

(Mylla certainly does NOT lie to her parents. What's going on here?)

Oh, heck. I've run off with J-girl's change from Starbucks.
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