Delphine (delphaen) wrote in _thescoobygang_,

Wow, I was an annoying little brat four years ago.

Either that or stoned. But here it is...

It's an interesting experience standing at one of the busiest train stations in the country, having only ever caught a train about 3 times before in your life, looking for people you've "known" for 2 months, if that. But that's where I am. What the hell am I doing here?

Strangely enough, my parents weren't concerned at all. ("I'm going to Sydney." "Really?" "With some people from the internet." "Have fun") I'm mildly insulted. I wanted them to worry. Is that a strange thing to think? *shrugs*

And...Lucky guess - I find them first go. (Do I really stalk, J-girl? I have a mental image of me "stalking" across the landscape wearing a cowl, scythe in hand, mere mortals cowering before me, etc. etc.)

Awkwardness ensues, at least for me. That morning I was so nervous I felt like throwing up. I keep telling myself to relax and not to say anything stupid. Except...I'm not really saying anything. I wonder what they're thinking? You're so bloody insecure, aren't you? Don't be a idiot...Will you get out of here! Delphine kicks herself out of her own head, and rejoins the conversation...

And no, there were no axe murderers. It was my day off.

Anyway. The Movie! Wow! "Coming this Christmas" is possibly the nicest combination of words in the English language, and at that point they're pure Shakespeare. There's so much to take in, and being me, I miss a lot of it But that isn't a problem, because as soon as we get out of the cinema...
"Was that Haldir?"
"My god, what did they do to that horse?"
"I didn't see Haldir, where was he?"
"Eowyn! I loooove the freckles!"
"Eyes! Blue!"
You get the picture. (I can't express the feeling in the written word, but I'm grinning just thinking about it.)

We hie us hence to a handy internet cafe where, in addition to posting everything we can remember, J-girl scars us all for life with the celebrated Fingernails thread in GMD. I think I'm going to have nightmares tonight

I'm grinning like an idiot the whole way home. The other people on the train must think I'm a couple of cents short of a dollar. (Good thing they don't see me zipping down the freeway later singing "In Dreams" at the top of my lungs and extremely out of tune. I don't think I manage to hit the right note once. Yes, fellow Scoobsters, I do sing, but only on my own.)

Thanks for a great day, everyone.
And a special *notworthy* for Ardwinna for her generosity (Crebain!)

(It is a little blonde, Ardwinna)
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