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The Two Towers Trailer Meet.

In order to prevent all of these accounts from becoming Scooby perspectives only, we decided to encourage others who attended these meets to post their stories. So what does a more mature gentleman think of the young scooby ladies?

J is a bit of a talker and, although she never seems to read this part, is a lot of fun.

Delph is too quiet, apparently Poppa wasn't aware of her evil ways. She's also intelligent. Hmmm too easy.

Myl, he didn't say cute! She too has a spark of intelligence in her eyes and a sense of humour (must be all those fanfics).

Without further ado, here is Poppa's version of the events of Friday 29th March 2002 (two days after my 18th birthday):

OK, since I was at the original meeting of the gang, do I get to be elected honourary uncle of the gang? And I'd just like to point out that if I had been there to make the subsequent meetings there would have been no chance of any of you getting mugged.

I was the one in the Hobbit T. And I was probably the least nervous of any of you, given that I didn't ever feel that you could overpower me even if you all ganged up together and were armed with axes (at least not without my active cooperation, and my darling would have been a little annoyed about that!).

Immediate impressions:

J-Girl. This woman just talks. And talks. Man, she could out-talk my first mother-in-law, who could talk underwater through a mouthful of wet concrete. I put this down to the nervousness of meeting up with new people - potential axe murderers all - and think to myself that she seems nice.

Ardwinna. Seems quite outgoing. Confident without being cocky. Good sense of humour straight away. Like her.

Delphine. Quiet. Pathologically quiet. Even when she does say something, I can't hear her because of my age-induced worsening deafness. Don't want to keep asking her to repeat herself - she'll think I'm a wierdo. Instead, try very hard to listen. Seems nice. Intelligent.

Sharon. J-Girl's friend, can't get a word in edgewise. Probably used to it! Quiet (no choice really), but seems nice.

Mylla. Quiet. But sense of humour behind the nervousness. And an intelligent wit sparkling in her eyes.

Then we watch the movie, and just sharing that eases everyone up a bit. I feel the tension around me smoothing away.

Then the trailer. I physically tighten up, and hold my breath. Yes, I'm an old codger and should be way cooler than this, but I've been dreaming about these movies for nearly thirty years, and I get goosebumps and go cold with excitement. Love the trailer, just superb. This wakes me right up and gets my mind spinning, trying to take it all in and remember it all. I know there will be a quiz later....

The internet cafe was a blast. J-Girl driving the keyboard, everybody contributing and laughing. Way too loud for the gaming geeks occupying every other seat in the place. Scared 'em all (young adolescent males - domain invaded by 5 girls - yes real live girls).

Final impressions. What a fun bunch. All excitable and talkative and intelligent and interesting. Ardwinna fiercely independent (I think her hair is red. Not red as in....well red, but red as far as hair goes). Mylla great sense of humour. J-Girl just fun from start to finish. Delphine still quiet, but not intimidated any more, contributing and having her say. Sharon wondering what she is doing here with this bunch of loonies.

Great day. Wish I could share more with you all. Especially wish I could have been there for the Yav/Surreal/Rowen/Amberion meet. That would have been fun.

Hugs to all the gang from uncle Pop....
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