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MARCH 29, 7:30 pm




'Twas the day I saw the amazing TTT teaser trailer and met some very special folks :p

Of course I cheat the whole thing and take my friend Sherryn for moral support, which is all well and good because we get to Central Station we have to meet some chick named Ardwinna (info on Ardwinna by Ardwinna... red hair... brown shirt... docs.)

Of course, it turns out she has blonde hair... even though she INSISTS it is strawberry blonde. Blurry photo of the back of her head to follow if she doesn't murder me first, and you can draw your own conclusions :D

We stand out near where the buses come in waiting for some guy named Poppa, whose wife apparently doesn't mind him escorting a bunch of twentysomething chickies to the cinema... hmm. Anyway, we wait there among the crazies of the station (some guy asks for a cigarette twice) when a girl who'd been stalking up and down the platform at ill ease goes "I know this is going to sound INSANE, but..."

But it turns out to be not so insane after all, it turns out to be Delphine. :)

After long discussion with Ardwinna on the mobile phone as to exactly what part of Central Station he is meant to be in "Can you see the UTS building...? It's this big ugly brown skyscraper, you can't miss it!" Poppa arrives in his big new 4WD. Totally nice guy. Probably insane, but aren't we all? After some problems concerning baby seats we finally squish in to Poppa's car. I sit shotgun, and am punished by innumerable baby pics of Poppa's son, Sam. :p

Note: Sam's SO cute. :p

So we chitchat lots of gossip about Imladris and members all the way to Fox Studios. I talk a lot. I am profoundly sorry in retrospect.

At Fox we walk up the lane to the front of the cinema to where a girl is sitting who definitely and most certainly does not have a Hobbit t-shirt on, but which turns out funnily enough to be Mylla.

After more uncomfortable chit-chat we go in, and I actually sit down and shut up while the film was on. I sit between Poppa and friend Sherryn and apparently miss a lot of fun this way, but have all the fun of my eyes burning out "does the screen look fuzzy to you, Poppa...?" "Nope you need glasses."

By the time Boromir finally carks it we're all nearly sick with anticipation. Sam's look of lust... lights go down... music starts again! Dwarrowdelf theme! "Coming this Christmas!" Aargh!!!!

Well, after some minutes of sitting down and hyperventilating we finally are able to shuffle out the door. Mylla promptly becomes overexcited and has to be sat down before she passes out or worse.

After we've sort of calmed down we walk back down the lane where I have to bribe someone at another cinema to be allowed to use the public toilet, producing all sorts of adventures which will be told at a later date.

This being one of the earliest viewings worldwide of All-Hallowed Trailer, we promptly speed in Poppa's 4WD and Mylla's sedan all the way to the nearest Internet Cafe, where under Ardwinna's name we publish a ranting raving "OHMYGOD" thread which is swiftly and helpfully moved to the thread already in place for those kinds of insanities, where we also find out that Massive_Attack had just narrowly beat us in the TT trailer viewings (being in New Zealand. Lucky bastard.)

It was then that I discover I've missed my train. Shit.

After some very generous promises from Ardwinna that I will recieve a special "crebain" version of the movie shortly, me and Sherryn part company with the others and train it to Strathfield (again long story.)

I then proceed to bounce around on LOTR high all afternoon :)

_ _ _ _

J's note, 21st August 2005 _ _ _ Remember the codes we had to use whilst searching desperately for, um, copies of LOTR? We were looking for crebains. A particularly good crebain was a Gwaihir, and if we found one, I think the code was "the eagle has landed."

I still call them crebains ;)
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