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TTT trailer meet

Let's kick off, shall we? Here we have my account of the first meeting of any Scoobies, before there even was a Scooby Gang. Return with me, if you will, to Good Friday, 2002.

Attending this meet (I seem to have left out some vital information) were myself, Delph, J-girl, and Ardwinna and Poppa of COE - or Imladris as it was then. The occcasion was the release of the very first Two Towers trailer. We were especially excited because due to time zones, Australia was FOR ONCE among the first to get something. Even if it was only by a few hours. And even if New Zealand beat us.


29th March, 2002

I'm here at Fox Studios! Never been here before, and wasn't sure I was going to make it this time. I studied the map carefully before I left, but even so I managed to take a wrong turn. :rolleyes:

First time at Fox Studios? That's nothing compared to who I'm meeting. Loonies from the Internet. I'm serious! That's what I'm doing here.

My parents think it's okay as long as we meet in a pack. :rolleyes:

Anyway, even though I had no idea where to go, and even with the wrong turn, I still arrived half an hour early! That was okay, though. I parked (calmly), left the parking lot (calmly) and actually found the cinemas (still calm). Well, I've still got half an hour to wait - we're meeting at 9:30.

I'm getting pretty nervous. Man, what if I can't say anything? What if I'm just really shy and they all hate me?

Oh, that's right, there's that thing normal people do. That thing where they inhale and exhale... must keep remembering to do that.

Oh my gosh, I've got the wrong day!

There's not another cinema, is there? Maybe another entrance?

What if it's sold out?

I can't have missed them. I'm looking for a group. Several girls near-ish my age, and Poppa. I wouldn't have missed them. Would I?

Maybe it really is a big conspiracy. Maybe they were never planning to come. Maybe... oh, hang on.


Sure enough, there was no mistaking them. And I suppose my uncertain, this-will-sound-really-stupid-if-I'm-wrong air gave me away, because there was no mistaking me, either.

So I got a sudden barrage of names and faces, and for some reason they all work. All the faces go with the screen names, and all the real names go with the faces. Strange.

And as far as I can tell, not a single axe-murderer among them! Well, parents obviously don't know everything.

And now we're sitting in the cinema about to see the trailer!

Oh, right. And that movie beforehand. :rolleyes:



Okay. Okay. So there’s the fade-to-black and my hands are clenched so hard I’m practically breaking the skin with my fingernails – and then the music changes!! Honestly! And those words... “The Journey Continues” – bring it on!!

And then - then! – the BROOCH! My mouth fell open and stayed that way for the rest of the trailer. (I think this will officially cement my brooch-swooning reputation. Eh - I can handle it. ;)) All these pictures... with one overall message. This movie will ROCK!

I think I need to remember that breathing thing again.

I don’t think I’ve had quite that much fun in a very long time! This was not like seeing a trailer with “normal” people, who never want to talk about it and think you’re strange for continuing to bring it up... (okay, baggage) No, these priceless people understand perfectly. We stood around Fox Studios shouting each other down with things we remembered from the trailer!

And the natural progression from there was to an Internet café. Delphine came in my car (no one else could be bothered walking to it, since it was all the way on the other side of the car park). For the two "quiet ones", we made conversation just fine, although she looked at me warily when I told her I post in Casting. "But I'm normal!" I hastened to add. She looked doubtful. I suppose she doubts the existance of "normal" Casting regulars.

The Internet cafe was even more fun. If I were anyone else in there, I would have hated us, though.

Ah, I had a blast. Now, how to convince my parents that although I've spent all day with Imladris people, I need to go online as soon as I get home?

Mylla's notes, 20th August 2005 - Everyone around here remembers the Casting forum, right? It was what became "Fandom", and housed the scary swooners. And me.
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