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Mylla's application

Application for Membership: The Scooby Gang.

Name: Caroline

Screen name: Mylla

Birthday: 15th October, 1981

Star sign: Libra

Life History until this point:
I was born on a beautiful spring day in 1981… actually, I don’t know what kind of day it was. My parents don’t even remember what time I was born, which just shows how preoccupied they were with gazing upon my wondrous face.

My family also includes my younger sister and a small assortment of pets over the years. I nearly broke my little sister’s arm once when we were both extremely small. True story.

We lived in Maryland, USA for four years from when I was 2. I grew up thinking fairy floss was called cotton candy, “box” was pronounced “bahx”, and that it snows at Christmastime.

Upon my return to Australia, I enjoyed my time at St Ives Primary School. My favourite game was Spider Monkeys. Not that I remember anything about it.

I went back to the US twice over around 1991-93 to have some orthopaedic surgery. In between I shifted to Artarmon PS, because I was a clever child. Continuing in the clever vein, I went to a selective high school, where I proceeded not to do much work until year 11 or 12 (I LOVED studying for the HSC!)

Having been convinced for much of my high school years that I would be a primary school teacher, I then enrolled in a medical science degree. And that’s where I am now, if we’re pretending these things were written three years ago. :p

I have never had any free time, what with singing lessons, choirs, flute lessons, bible study groups, church (and youth group back in high school), and rehearsing and performing musical theatre (amateur, but you can believe I’m a big star if you so desire).

Reason for wanting membership: Hm. Because the Scoobies push my boundaries.

Swoonage object: I so don’t swoon. Well, not so much that I could write a list and expect to still “swoon” for the people on the list in a few years’ time. :p Well… okay, fine. I’ll give you Logan from X-men, Will Turner, Merry, and… Sawyer (Lost). A fairly random selection.

Favourite chocolate flavour: Darrrrk.

Favourite Alcoholic beverage: Vodka-based drinks, and milky stuff like Baileys (although it doesn’t agree with me so well).

Person/Object that incites foaming at the mouth hatred: Hm, nope, got nothing. Unless it's got something to do with over-shipping in my favourite fandoms, perhaps.

Disney prince that you swoon for the most: Aladdin. :D

Favourite stolen quote: Um, I don’t really collect quotes...

If you were a sue, what fandom would she be from and who will she ‘communicate’ with: I think she would be in the HP fandom, but if I were REALLY a Sue, for real (as opposed to a parody :p), she wouldn’t “communicate” with anyone.

If someone gave you a sexy Boromir blow up doll for your birthday, what would you do with it? Give it to J. No, Delph. Well, maybe auction it. :p

Person you would most like to stalk: *lofty* I’m not the stalking type. But, you know, Hugh Jackman’s such a wonderfully normal kind of guy, and he’s Australian, and my friend knows his parents, and…

The most embarrassing song that you like a lot: Um… I don’t know, Aqua’s Barbie Girl? :p

What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow? *blinks* 42?

Favourite Scooby moment: Becoming the Planeteers… or the Tolkieneers, or whatever we called it.

Your feelings on pie and quiche: Quiche has too much egg, it makes me feel sick. The little ones are lovely. Pie is wonderful. Unless it is a meat pie full of unidentifiable meaty objects.

Complete the sentence:

Viggo has
a very loyal and scary fan in Xy, so I totally won't make any comment about his facial hair.

Harry Potter is simply awesome. And good for many, many hours of contemplation.

The inventor of codpieces was crazy?

The wooden horse … What? I don’t get it! Anyone got any fries?

Ren has a freaky obsession with collecting Ponies.

I have a freaky obsession with elven brooches. :p

King Arthur is confusing and not too interesting.

And finally, what is your quest? To… protect the world from the giant marshmallows.

They’re coming, I tell you.

Attach sexytastic photo here:

Image hosted by
This is allll a performance high.
Well. That and vodka.
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