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The Xyla Meet - Mylla's Account

15th May, 2002

There's got to be a better way of spending a morning than looking at dead people's brains. No really, there must be. Perhaps if I were to go cover myself with honey and sit on an ant's nest, that might be more fun?

Yes, okay, there are MILLIONS of cranial nerves and they all go somewhere and I have to know exactly where… I've got AGES till exams, I'll learn it in Stuvac! Just hurry up already! Man, it's bad enough that I have to work on a stupid group project - on ACTION POTENTIALS of all things - instead of seeing FOTR again, must they torture me with cranial nerves also?

Of course… if this were to finish early… and if my group were to agree to meet early… Hm.

Yes! Who needs to stand around and try to actually remember all this stuff anyway? I'll get a good textbook.

But I still don't have time to get there for the start of the movie with this group project. And how silly is it to go halfway through? What if I can't find them in the cinema? I've only met these girls once, after all - this Xyla gal not at all - and cinemas are dark and so on.

I've got it - delegation!

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Wow, I was an annoying little brat four years ago.

Either that or stoned. But here it is...

It's an interesting experience standing at one of the busiest train stations in the country, having only ever caught a train about 3 times before in your life, looking for people you've "known" for 2 months, if that. But that's where I am. What the hell am I doing here?

Strangely enough, my parents weren't concerned at all. ("I'm going to Sydney." "Really?" "With some people from the internet." "Have fun") I'm mildly insulted. I wanted them to worry. Is that a strange thing to think? *shrugs*

And...Lucky guess - I find them first go. (Do I really stalk, J-girl? I have a mental image of me "stalking" across the landscape wearing a cowl, scythe in hand, mere mortals cowering before me, etc. etc.)

Awkwardness ensues, at least for me. That morning I was so nervous I felt like throwing up. I keep telling myself to relax and not to say anything stupid. Except...I'm not really saying anything. I wonder what they're thinking? You're so bloody insecure, aren't you? Don't be a idiot...Will you get out of here! Delphine kicks herself out of her own head, and rejoins the conversation...

And no, there were no axe murderers. It was my day off.

Anyway. The Movie! Wow! "Coming this Christmas" is possibly the nicest combination of words in the English language, and at that point they're pure Shakespeare. There's so much to take in, and being me, I miss a lot of it But that isn't a problem, because as soon as we get out of the cinema...
"Was that Haldir?"
"My god, what did they do to that horse?"
"I didn't see Haldir, where was he?"
"Eowyn! I loooove the freckles!"
"Eyes! Blue!"
You get the picture. (I can't express the feeling in the written word, but I'm grinning just thinking about it.)

We hie us hence to a handy internet cafe where, in addition to posting everything we can remember, J-girl scars us all for life with the celebrated Fingernails thread in GMD. I think I'm going to have nightmares tonight

I'm grinning like an idiot the whole way home. The other people on the train must think I'm a couple of cents short of a dollar. (Good thing they don't see me zipping down the freeway later singing "In Dreams" at the top of my lungs and extremely out of tune. I don't think I manage to hit the right note once. Yes, fellow Scoobsters, I do sing, but only on my own.)

Thanks for a great day, everyone.
And a special *notworthy* for Ardwinna for her generosity (Crebain!)

(It is a little blonde, Ardwinna)
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The Two Towers Trailer Meet.

In order to prevent all of these accounts from becoming Scooby perspectives only, we decided to encourage others who attended these meets to post their stories. So what does a more mature gentleman think of the young scooby ladies?

J is a bit of a talker and, although she never seems to read this part, is a lot of fun.

Delph is too quiet, apparently Poppa wasn't aware of her evil ways. She's also intelligent. Hmmm too easy.

Myl, he didn't say cute! She too has a spark of intelligence in her eyes and a sense of humour (must be all those fanfics).

Without further ado, here is Poppa's version of the events of Friday 29th March 2002 (two days after my 18th birthday):

OK, since I was at the original meeting of the gang, do I get to be elected honourary uncle of the gang? And I'd just like to point out that if I had been there to make the subsequent meetings there would have been no chance of any of you getting mugged.

I was the one in the Hobbit T. And I was probably the least nervous of any of you, given that I didn't ever feel that you could overpower me even if you all ganged up together and were armed with axes (at least not without my active cooperation, and my darling would have been a little annoyed about that!).

Immediate impressions:

J-Girl. This woman just talks. And talks. Man, she could out-talk my first mother-in-law, who could talk underwater through a mouthful of wet concrete. I put this down to the nervousness of meeting up with new people - potential axe murderers all - and think to myself that she seems nice.

Ardwinna. Seems quite outgoing. Confident without being cocky. Good sense of humour straight away. Like her.

Delphine. Quiet. Pathologically quiet. Even when she does say something, I can't hear her because of my age-induced worsening deafness. Don't want to keep asking her to repeat herself - she'll think I'm a wierdo. Instead, try very hard to listen. Seems nice. Intelligent.

Sharon. J-Girl's friend, can't get a word in edgewise. Probably used to it! Quiet (no choice really), but seems nice.

Mylla. Quiet. But sense of humour behind the nervousness. And an intelligent wit sparkling in her eyes.

Then we watch the movie, and just sharing that eases everyone up a bit. I feel the tension around me smoothing away.

Then the trailer. I physically tighten up, and hold my breath. Yes, I'm an old codger and should be way cooler than this, but I've been dreaming about these movies for nearly thirty years, and I get goosebumps and go cold with excitement. Love the trailer, just superb. This wakes me right up and gets my mind spinning, trying to take it all in and remember it all. I know there will be a quiz later....

The internet cafe was a blast. J-Girl driving the keyboard, everybody contributing and laughing. Way too loud for the gaming geeks occupying every other seat in the place. Scared 'em all (young adolescent males - domain invaded by 5 girls - yes real live girls).

Final impressions. What a fun bunch. All excitable and talkative and intelligent and interesting. Ardwinna fiercely independent (I think her hair is red. Not red as in....well red, but red as far as hair goes). Mylla great sense of humour. J-Girl just fun from start to finish. Delphine still quiet, but not intimidated any more, contributing and having her say. Sharon wondering what she is doing here with this bunch of loonies.

Great day. Wish I could share more with you all. Especially wish I could have been there for the Yav/Surreal/Rowen/Amberion meet. That would have been fun.

Hugs to all the gang from uncle Pop....
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(no subject)

THE GOOD FRIDAY MEET... J-girl's account...

MARCH 29, 7:30 pm




'Twas the day I saw the amazing TTT teaser trailer and met some very special folks :p

Of course I cheat the whole thing and take my friend Sherryn for moral support, which is all well and good because we get to Central Station we have to meet some chick named Ardwinna (info on Ardwinna by Ardwinna... red hair... brown shirt... docs.)

Of course, it turns out she has blonde hair... even though she INSISTS it is strawberry blonde. Blurry photo of the back of her head to follow if she doesn't murder me first, and you can draw your own conclusions :D

We stand out near where the buses come in waiting for some guy named Poppa, whose wife apparently doesn't mind him escorting a bunch of twentysomething chickies to the cinema... hmm. Anyway, we wait there among the crazies of the station (some guy asks for a cigarette twice) when a girl who'd been stalking up and down the platform at ill ease goes "I know this is going to sound INSANE, but..."

But it turns out to be not so insane after all, it turns out to be Delphine. :)

After long discussion with Ardwinna on the mobile phone as to exactly what part of Central Station he is meant to be in "Can you see the UTS building...? It's this big ugly brown skyscraper, you can't miss it!" Poppa arrives in his big new 4WD. Totally nice guy. Probably insane, but aren't we all? After some problems concerning baby seats we finally squish in to Poppa's car. I sit shotgun, and am punished by innumerable baby pics of Poppa's son, Sam. :p

Note: Sam's SO cute. :p

So we chitchat lots of gossip about Imladris and members all the way to Fox Studios. I talk a lot. I am profoundly sorry in retrospect.

At Fox we walk up the lane to the front of the cinema to where a girl is sitting who definitely and most certainly does not have a Hobbit t-shirt on, but which turns out funnily enough to be Mylla.

After more uncomfortable chit-chat we go in, and I actually sit down and shut up while the film was on. I sit between Poppa and friend Sherryn and apparently miss a lot of fun this way, but have all the fun of my eyes burning out "does the screen look fuzzy to you, Poppa...?" "Nope you need glasses."

By the time Boromir finally carks it we're all nearly sick with anticipation. Sam's look of lust... lights go down... music starts again! Dwarrowdelf theme! "Coming this Christmas!" Aargh!!!!

Well, after some minutes of sitting down and hyperventilating we finally are able to shuffle out the door. Mylla promptly becomes overexcited and has to be sat down before she passes out or worse.

After we've sort of calmed down we walk back down the lane where I have to bribe someone at another cinema to be allowed to use the public toilet, producing all sorts of adventures which will be told at a later date.

This being one of the earliest viewings worldwide of All-Hallowed Trailer, we promptly speed in Poppa's 4WD and Mylla's sedan all the way to the nearest Internet Cafe, where under Ardwinna's name we publish a ranting raving "OHMYGOD" thread which is swiftly and helpfully moved to the thread already in place for those kinds of insanities, where we also find out that Massive_Attack had just narrowly beat us in the TT trailer viewings (being in New Zealand. Lucky bastard.)

It was then that I discover I've missed my train. Shit.

After some very generous promises from Ardwinna that I will recieve a special "crebain" version of the movie shortly, me and Sherryn part company with the others and train it to Strathfield (again long story.)

I then proceed to bounce around on LOTR high all afternoon :)

_ _ _ _

J's note, 21st August 2005 _ _ _ Remember the codes we had to use whilst searching desperately for, um, copies of LOTR? We were looking for crebains. A particularly good crebain was a Gwaihir, and if we found one, I think the code was "the eagle has landed."

I still call them crebains ;)
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TTT trailer meet

Let's kick off, shall we? Here we have my account of the first meeting of any Scoobies, before there even was a Scooby Gang. Return with me, if you will, to Good Friday, 2002.

Attending this meet (I seem to have left out some vital information) were myself, Delph, J-girl, and Ardwinna and Poppa of COE - or Imladris as it was then. The occcasion was the release of the very first Two Towers trailer. We were especially excited because due to time zones, Australia was FOR ONCE among the first to get something. Even if it was only by a few hours. And even if New Zealand beat us.


29th March, 2002

I'm here at Fox Studios! Never been here before, and wasn't sure I was going to make it this time. I studied the map carefully before I left, but even so I managed to take a wrong turn. :rolleyes:

First time at Fox Studios? That's nothing compared to who I'm meeting. Loonies from the Internet. I'm serious! That's what I'm doing here.

My parents think it's okay as long as we meet in a pack. :rolleyes:

Anyway, even though I had no idea where to go, and even with the wrong turn, I still arrived half an hour early! That was okay, though. I parked (calmly), left the parking lot (calmly) and actually found the cinemas (still calm). Well, I've still got half an hour to wait - we're meeting at 9:30.

I'm getting pretty nervous. Man, what if I can't say anything? What if I'm just really shy and they all hate me?

Oh, that's right, there's that thing normal people do. That thing where they inhale and exhale... must keep remembering to do that.

Oh my gosh, I've got the wrong day!

There's not another cinema, is there? Maybe another entrance?

What if it's sold out?

I can't have missed them. I'm looking for a group. Several girls near-ish my age, and Poppa. I wouldn't have missed them. Would I?

Maybe it really is a big conspiracy. Maybe they were never planning to come. Maybe... oh, hang on.


Sure enough, there was no mistaking them. And I suppose my uncertain, this-will-sound-really-stupid-if-I'm-wrong air gave me away, because there was no mistaking me, either.

So I got a sudden barrage of names and faces, and for some reason they all work. All the faces go with the screen names, and all the real names go with the faces. Strange.

And as far as I can tell, not a single axe-murderer among them! Well, parents obviously don't know everything.

And now we're sitting in the cinema about to see the trailer!

Oh, right. And that movie beforehand. :rolleyes:



Okay. Okay. So there’s the fade-to-black and my hands are clenched so hard I’m practically breaking the skin with my fingernails – and then the music changes!! Honestly! And those words... “The Journey Continues” – bring it on!!

And then - then! – the BROOCH! My mouth fell open and stayed that way for the rest of the trailer. (I think this will officially cement my brooch-swooning reputation. Eh - I can handle it. ;)) All these pictures... with one overall message. This movie will ROCK!

I think I need to remember that breathing thing again.

I don’t think I’ve had quite that much fun in a very long time! This was not like seeing a trailer with “normal” people, who never want to talk about it and think you’re strange for continuing to bring it up... (okay, baggage) No, these priceless people understand perfectly. We stood around Fox Studios shouting each other down with things we remembered from the trailer!

And the natural progression from there was to an Internet café. Delphine came in my car (no one else could be bothered walking to it, since it was all the way on the other side of the car park). For the two "quiet ones", we made conversation just fine, although she looked at me warily when I told her I post in Casting. "But I'm normal!" I hastened to add. She looked doubtful. I suppose she doubts the existance of "normal" Casting regulars.

The Internet cafe was even more fun. If I were anyone else in there, I would have hated us, though.

Ah, I had a blast. Now, how to convince my parents that although I've spent all day with Imladris people, I need to go online as soon as I get home?

Mylla's notes, 20th August 2005 - Everyone around here remembers the Casting forum, right? It was what became "Fandom", and housed the scary swooners. And me.
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(no subject)

Application for Membership: The Kelly Scooby Gang.

Name: Kelly

Screen name: Delphine

Birthday: August 6, 1982

Star sign: Leo. Surely anyone who cares about star signs could have figured that out from my birthday? :p

Life History until this point: Got born. Did some stuff. Am still not dead and am expecting to be around for a while yet. You want a longer version?

Reason for wanting membership: To get the rest of them off my back about this.

Swoonage object: Uh-uh.

Favourite chocolate flavour: Run'n'raisin

Favourite Alcoholic beverage: I don't drink. I'm so innocent.

Person/Object that incites foaming at the mouth hatred: Um...*shrugs* I can't really think of anything off the top of my head.

Disney prince that you swoon for the most: Opposed to princes on (ha, ha) principle. So, what's so great about Aladdin that I missed?

Favourite stolen quote: Not sure. Probably something I use all the time without realising it and that really ticks off everyone around me.

If you were a sue, what fandom would she be from and who will she‘communicate’with: If I were a sue, I'd do the world a favour and commit suicide on page one. Paragraph one. First sentence. The story would then be so short she wouldn't have time to communicate with anyone. The End.

If someone gave you a sexy Boromir blow up doll for your birthday, what would you do with it?: Let's cross that bridge when we come to it, shall we? Does anyone actually think there's such thing as a sexy blow-up doll?

Person you would most like to stalk: I'm not the stalking kind. That sounds too much like hard work.

The most embarrassing song that you like a lot: 'Khe Sanh'?

What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow? Depends on the point in its trajectory, how fast it was initially propelled and a combination of various other forces acting vertically and horizontally, air resistance, propulsion, gravity and so forth. And let's not forget that velocity is direction as well as speed. It is migrating, presumably.

Favourite Scooby moment: It would have to be doing the washing up after they all clear out and leave the house looking like a bomb hit it :p Seriously, I don't know anyone else who can make that kind of mess in such a short space of time.

Your feelings on pie and quiche: Pie is an adequate staple food. Real men don't eat quiche. Don't ask me why. They just don't.

Complete the sentence:

Viggo has no TV.

Harry Potter is fictional.

The inventor of codpieces was a moron, now a dead moron.

The wooden horse had a farm. E-I-E-I-O.

Everyone else has a freaky obsession with me having a freaky obsession with codpieces. Which I don't.

I have a freaky obsession with nothing. None of my obsessions are freaky.

King Arthur is possibly fictional, but at the end of the day, who really cares?

And finally, what is your quest? I have no ambitions.

Attach sexytastic photo here:

No. Fuck off.

Hey, I managed to come across as pretty obnoxious there, huh? Perhaps I should apply for the position of Member No-one in the Audience Really Likes That Much.
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Mylla's application

Application for Membership: The Scooby Gang.

Name: Caroline

Screen name: Mylla

Birthday: 15th October, 1981

Star sign: Libra

Life History until this point:
I was born on a beautiful spring day in 1981… Cut because I took the question literally :pCollapse )

Reason for wanting membership: Hm. Because the Scoobies push my boundaries.

Swoonage object: I so don’t swoon. Well, not so much that I could write a list and expect to still “swoon” for the people on the list in a few years’ time. :p Well… okay, fine. I’ll give you Logan from X-men, Will Turner, Merry, and… Sawyer (Lost). A fairly random selection.

Favourite chocolate flavour: Darrrrk.

Favourite Alcoholic beverage: Vodka-based drinks, and milky stuff like Baileys (although it doesn’t agree with me so well).

Person/Object that incites foaming at the mouth hatred: Hm, nope, got nothing. Unless it's got something to do with over-shipping in my favourite fandoms, perhaps.

Disney prince that you swoon for the most: Aladdin. :D

Favourite stolen quote: Um, I don’t really collect quotes...

If you were a sue, what fandom would she be from and who will she ‘communicate’ with: I think she would be in the HP fandom, but if I were REALLY a Sue, for real (as opposed to a parody :p), she wouldn’t “communicate” with anyone.

If someone gave you a sexy Boromir blow up doll for your birthday, what would you do with it? Give it to J. No, Delph. Well, maybe auction it. :p

Person you would most like to stalk: *lofty* I’m not the stalking type. But, you know, Hugh Jackman’s such a wonderfully normal kind of guy, and he’s Australian, and my friend knows his parents, and…

The most embarrassing song that you like a lot: Um… I don’t know, Aqua’s Barbie Girl? :p

What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow? *blinks* 42?

Favourite Scooby moment: Becoming the Planeteers… or the Tolkieneers, or whatever we called it.

Your feelings on pie and quiche: Quiche has too much egg, it makes me feel sick. The little ones are lovely. Pie is wonderful. Unless it is a meat pie full of unidentifiable meaty objects.

Complete the sentence:

Viggo has
a very loyal and scary fan in Xy, so I totally won't make any comment about his facial hair.

Harry Potter is simply awesome. And good for many, many hours of contemplation.

The inventor of codpieces was crazy?

The wooden horse … What? I don’t get it! Anyone got any fries?

Ren has a freaky obsession with collecting Ponies.

I have a freaky obsession with elven brooches. :p

King Arthur is confusing and not too interesting.

And finally, what is your quest? To… protect the world from the giant marshmallows.

They’re coming, I tell you.

Attach sexytastic photo here:

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This is allll a performance high.
Well. That and vodka.
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Black is the new black
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I am Namariarwen, queen of ice and snow.

Application for Membership: The Scooby Gang.

Name: Julianne

Screen name: Xyla

Birthday: 27/5/82

Star sign: Gemini

Life History until this point: From the ages of 0-21 I lived in Springwood in the Blue mountains, west of Sydney. Went to School in the Blue Mountains, worked in Parramatta, then finished highscool and went to UTS to do a degree in journalism. Became huge Lord of the Rings fan, joined website called Imladris.net, met Scooby Girls. Much fun ensued. Finished Journalism degree, realized didn’t want to be a journalist. Started working at Sydney Uni. After a year of that, went on world trip, traveled through Canada and the States, then the UK and Switzerland. Returned to the UK and have been living and working in London for the last year

Reason for wanting membership: Um… because I am a member?

Swoonage object: Orlando Bloom, Viggo Mortensen, Michael Vartan,

Favourite chocolate flavour: Blackforest?

Favourite Alcoholic beverage: Vodka and Cranberry, or any sweet cocktail

Person/Object that incites foaming at the mouth hatred: Melissa Charge. She is my evil nemesis

Disney prince that you swoon for the most: Aladdin

Favourite stolen quote: Why write it when you can listen to it ;)

If you were a sue, what fandom would she be from and who will she ‘communicate’ with: Oooh it’s a toughy. Either HP and Sirius, or LOTR and Aragorn.

If someone gave you a sexy Boromir blow up doll for your birthday, what would you do with it? Give it to someone who would appreciate it, like J :p

Person you would most like to stalk: Hmmmm, I have so many options here in London! I think Orlando ;)

The most embarrassing song that you like a lot: Don’t Stop Moving, S Club 7

What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow? Pie.

Favourite Scooby moment: When we found the extended editions of TTT after a full day of searching. Thank YOU Electronics Boutique

Your feelings on pie and quiche: Pie is wonderful, beautiful, delicious, kind and loving. It is a teacher, a mother, a secret lover. It is comforting deliciousness.
Quiche is Melissa Charge

Complete the sentence:

Viggo has
beautiful eyes, a fantastic jawline, and an amazing range as an actor

Harry Potter is a fantastic series, but a slightly irritating character.

The inventor of codpieces was David Bowie

The wooden horse was an unnecessary distraction from the hotness of the men of troy.

King Arthur is Swoontastic.

And finally, what is your quest? To follow that star, no matter how hopeless, no matter how far.

Attach sexytastic photo here:

Most recent, with dark hair

But everyone wants to know what my hair was like before!Collapse )


Application for Membership: The Scooby Gang.

Name: Naomi (and now I suppose someone's going to steal my identity and all my money now they know my first name :p )

Screen name: Jussacgirl, J-girl

Birthday: 2nd June 1982

Star sign: Psycho Gemini.

Life History until this point: None. I came down to earth with the last shower.

Reason for wanting membership: I want people to tell me I’m hawt

Swoonage object ... ONE? Not happening. Sean Bean, Harold Perrineau Jr, Joaquin Phoenix, Johnny Lee Miller, Jude Law, Rupert Everett (*sigh* what a waste of manflesh*) Ralph Fiennes, Dominic West...

Favourite chocolate flavour: Chocolate

Favourite Alcoholic beverage: cold and wet

Person/Object that incites foaming at the mouth hatred: Barney. I hate that damn dinosaur.

Disney prince that you swoon for the most: Disney sucks. Yay for Dreamworks!

Favourite stolen quote: Curse ye for breathin’, ye slack-jawed idiot!

If you were a sue, what fandom would she be from and who will she ‘communicate’ with: LOTR and she’d cast one of those spells on Boromir that involve oral sex and end with him being able to “understand the Elvish tongue.”

If someone gave you a sexy Boromir blow up doll for your birthday, what would you do with it? : * Censored *

Person you would most like to stalk: Christopher Lee. I can bide my time with the younger celebrities :p

The most embarrassing song that you like a lot: I Just Wanna Be Close To You- Eomer

What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow? Blue. No, wait-

Favourite Scooby moment: Eomer’s Funky Chicken of Despair

Your feelings on pie and quiche: … they’re yummy?

Complete the sentence:

Viggo has what looks like a small hairy creature crawling up one of his nostrils

Harry Potter is an overrated franchise

The inventor of codpieces was Richard II and had very bad taste in fashion

The wooden horse… was full of sexy half-nekkid Greeks?

Delph has a freaky obsession with codpiece-clad jailbait

I have a freaky obsession with men in riding boots and leather gloves

King Arthur is a craptastic movie

And finally, what is your quest?I seek the Holy Grail

Attach sexytastic photo here:

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Hello and Welcome:D

Did you think getting into the Scooby Gang was as simple as attending meets? No way, there were tests and application forms!
We've decided to start the LJ by posting those application forms.

Application for Membership: The Scooby Gang.

Name: Melissa K. Brennan.

Screen name: Renyara.

Birthday: 27th March 1984.

Star sign: Aries.

Life History until this point: I was born and was cute for a while. I first got married at age three and a half to my best friend's brother, Damien. By preschool I had left him for five other boys.

When school started I was an outcast, not having a father. This caused problems in the romance department, I didn't get married again till year three. However I met some good friends and some not so good friends.

High school was next, ah the rebelious memories. I had a couple of boyfriends, proved I was hardcore and studious. Hermione, eat your heart out. I skipped school, got suspended, went to drinking parties and then realised I was being an idiot. Thus I payed attention in year 12.

I attempted uni, but it didn't suit. Apparently you still have to do work. How'd have thunk it? So now here I am a bitter sandwich shop girl.

Reason for wanting membership: I want a life and instant popularity, duh!

Swoonage object: Legolas, Aragorn, Haldir, Eomer, Boromir, Johnny Depp, Ioan Gruffudd, Jamie Bamber, Christain Bale. I totally failed math.

Favourite chocolate flavour: Dairy milk and hazlenut.

Favourite Alcoholic beverage: Anything that involves vodka.

Person/Object that incites foaming at the mouth hatred: Let's Eat @ Charlestown Deli.

Disney prince that you swoon for the most: Eric from The Little Mermaid.

Favourite stolen quote: "And this is how you pay me back? With lies and lack of erections."

If you were a sue, what fandom would she be from and who will she ‘communicate’ with: SHe'd be a HP sue and she'd totally do it with Sirius.

If someone gave you a sexy Boromir blow up doll for your birthday, what would you do with it? Swap it for the Legolas one.

Person you would most like to stalk: *flips coin* Is Christain Bale still single?

The most embarrassing song that you like a lot: Toss up between "It Must have been love" by Legolas and "Hoplessly Devoted to You" by Renyarwen.

What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow? African...on second thoughts, let's not. Tis a silly question.

Favourite Scooby moment: Sittng in Starbucks, dreaming up Renyarwen, Namariarwen, Opaline, Jeowyn and Delphaen.

Your feelings on pie and quiche: Too much quiche is bad.

Complete the sentence:

Viggo has small teeth

Harry Potter is jailbait.

The inventor of codpieces was an English King, for more details see Delph.

The wooden horse had a wooden chicken head.

Mylla and Delphine have a freaky obsession with jailbait.

I have a freaky obsession with eyeliner on men

King Arthur is nothing compared to Tristan and Lancelot.

And finally, what is your quest? To make men worldwide fall at my feet and do my bidding.

Attach sexytastic photo here:

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