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As i'm on the computer and my mom has david letterman on, in the backround i hear him say something about james brolin.

So i say, "MOM! i know that name! That's barbera stysand's (sp?) husband! I KNOW THAT FROM FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!"

Remember? when phoebe says she's pregnant when Rachel really is and she says James Brolin is the father of her baby. ^_^
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Matt LeBlanc

I was just watching The Fabulous Life on VH1 and they were talking about Matt.

They said that in 1987 [I think? correct me if I'm wrong] he did a ketchup commerical for $100,000 and bought a car. I thought that was interesting.. and they also said he didn't a job untill he auditioned for Friends in 1994. Then they said he only had about $11! Kind of like Joey... hmm.

Well yea, I thought that was pretty neat.
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Fan Sites

What are the best fansites out there for Friends?
Anything special hidden in the depths of cyberspace?

Did anyone hear about the rumour of a Friends 2 hour special possibility?!?!?!?!

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One of my favorite quotes:

Joey: Okay, my towels, for instance, okay? I come into the bathroom here, and my towel is not on the floor, where I keep it. It's up here, on some hook! And it smells different!
Janine It's clean.
Joey: Yeah, well, it... it... it feels different!
Janine It's dry!
Joey: All right, I can make my peace with the clean, dry towels. And okay, also... what is with these chips you bought?
Janine No, no, no, it's potpouri! You're supposed to smell it.
Joey: [smelling] Well, that's like summer in a bowl.

I love when Joey's feminine side is revealed! He's such a great character. I want a guy sorta like carrying and sweet.

*looks around* "Omg, I win a pony? hehe"