I am Just a Silhouette (justsilhouette) wrote in _there4you,
I am Just a Silhouette

i made a few graphics. the screencaps are from friends cafe . the special stuff is from photo explosion deluxe, and i basically have no clue how to use it, so i dont even know if its a good graphic program or not. it seems cool. anyway, there's supposed to be a spotlight on joey, and says your on in five ms monelli. if i didnt speel monelli right tell me and ill fix.

aah, "the kiss".  the pic is cropped in the shape of a heart and the lyrics are 'and in your amrs, salvation's not so far away. were getting closer, closer everyday...' from almost paradise. im not sure who sings it. they are!

Rules: Comment if taking, credit to justsilhouette

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New friends always make my day.

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