August 4th, 2005

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Name: Ashley
Age: 18
Location: Washington

Friends Questions

Favorite Friend: Aah...Phoebe...for now.
Favorite Episode: The One Where Rachel Finds Out
Are you a Ross and Rachel fan?: Yes
Are you a Monica and Chandler fan?: Yes
What's your favorite seasons?: The older ones
What are some of your favorite quotes from Friends?:

Monica and Rachel are in the eye doctors office...the cute on-call doctor walks in.
Rachel- "So cute that I'm thinkin about jabbin this pen in my eye."

Chandler (thought)- "Quick, name 5 things you like about her...nice smile, good dresser, BIG HEAD, BIG HEAD, BIG HEAD!"

Joey- "Fried stuff with cheese."

Ross- "I, a neat guy. And I, too am just a love machine."

Sadly, right now, I can't think of anymore...


Do you have any suggestions for this community?:

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I would like to add another quote I love...this is from one of my fav's a Phoebe quote.

Chandler, Monica, Joey and Phoebe are in Monica's bedroom when Ross and Rachel come home after Ross "cheated on her" and Phoese calls her work. I don't know the quote exactly, but oh well...

"Someone is going to have to take my 9 o' clock because it's like 9:15 and I'm not there."
always been you


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