June 30th, 2005

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A Little About You

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Friends Questions

Favorite Friend: Oh gosh, this is a toughy... I think Rachel... ahh. hard. to. pick. just. one.
Favorite Episode: The One Where Ross Finds Out
Are you a Ross and Rachel fan?: Yes
Are you a Monica and Chandler fan?: Yes
What's your favorite seasons?: Season 2
What are some of your favorite quotes from Friends?:

Ross-i cant have two cats, joey is the kind guy who can have two cats

Joey- could i be wearing anymore clothes?

Chandler-The fifth dentist caved and now there ALL reccommending trident?

Pheobe- ooh thats short for Pheobe? i thought thats just what we called eachother!

Rachel- Oh you mean the whole insane jealousy thing? well, as much fun as that was.. ive decided to opt for sanity.. -so your really okay with this?- ooh yeah, he can push her up against that window all he wants.. for all i care, he can throw her through the damn thing

Monica- what the hell does a palentologist need a beeper for? some kind of a dinosoar emergency.. come quick the dinosoars are still extinct!


Do you have any suggestions for this community?:
Well i have only been a member for about 5 mins, so ill have to get back to ya!

My friend Kd and I are seriously obsessed and we have this game where she says a line from an episode and i have to guess who said it and which one its from. If i get it right its my turn to ask one. :D were nerds. oh yeah.

-We had this plan where it would go like this-

Erin-wow its hott out here
kd- yeah i know
Erin- why are you wearing a jacket?
Kd- i dont know, could i BE wearing anymore clothes?

Erin- the fifth dentist caved and now there ALL reccommending trident?

and then we proceeded to laugh. a lot.

and last night we watched a bunch of episodes and then played the trivia game.

oh yes, friends is love an obsession.