March 16th, 2005

Katy - Pink

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A Little About You

Name: katy
Age: 16
Location: ny

Friends Questions

Favorite Friend: rachel & chandler
Favorite Episode: ugh, hard question! i dont really know =-/
Are you a Ross and Rachel fan?: yeah
Are you a Monica and Chandler fan?: YES
What's your favorite seasons?: i like them all =-D
What are some of your favorite quotes from Friends?: "i know!"- when monica says it
"could i BE wearing anymore clothes"- when joey walks in wearing all chandlers clothes and talking like him
"So, you're playing a little Playstation, huh? That's whack. Playstation is whack. 'Sup with the whack Playstation, 'sup? Huh? Come on, am I nineteen or what?"- joey when trying to convince chabdler he can play a 19 yr old
and there are LOADS more


Do you have any suggestions for this community?: umm... not right now. the community seems to be great already. but if anything i'll let ya know =-)