February 21st, 2005

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a little about you

name: Miranda
age: 15
where you live: VA
favorite band: I like so many
favorite movie: Along Came Polly, The Phantom of the Opera


favorite friend: Rachel
favorite episode(this may be a tough question, its alright if you don't know lol): I absolutely love them ALL!! Hmm probably TOW the Giant Poking Device, TOW Ross and Rachel...You Know, and TOW The Thumb.
are you a ross & rachel fan?: ABSOLUTELY!!! They are one of my favorite parts of the show! lol
are you a monica & chandler fan?: No, not really...
what's your favorite season?: 1, 2, or 3
suggestions on some things we should do in the community?: Umm maybe make some icons and just chat about our favorite obsession!
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first post :)

so i was watching season 1 today and i noticed that the back door was open & it was a closet full of coats & such (aka a coat closet, lol) but then in season 8 it's monica's messy closet. lol i notice the little details :) anybody else realize that?

oh and the beam is only there like a couple times (in monica's kitchen/living room)