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A Poet's Heart

A Community for ALL Types of Writers

A Writer's Community
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All Members , Moderated
Here you can post your poetry or stories, no matter what they are or what type they are, you are completely welcome to join. . There are a couple of rules though.
1) There will be no bashing allowed, only friendly comments or helpful criticism.
2) You are allowed to post however many poems you'd like, but limit yourself so others may post their creations also.if your piece of art is long please put them behind a cut
3) You may not advertise for another group or community. Unless you can advertise for us also. It has to be mutual.

If you are one that is shy and doesn't like to post your own poetry feel free to join and post comments or even just to read others poems or stories.

~~Moderator:: this_is_my_love

Our banner... <3Kristen
The Poet's Heart