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a poem. 'Tantanlizing Beauty"havent here a looong time...

ok, so i havent been here for like almost 2 years now, lol. i dont know if this poem flows but it just poured out of me, and its about being young and irresisitible, and to certain degree looking in from a older persons perspective. i should have had let you interpret for yourself... but, whatever.

"Tantalizing Beauty"

shallow, vague
yet magnetic
dazzle, and puzzle me

its radiating magnetism
oblivious to its
tantalizing grandeur
bewitching innocence
ignorance of youth

oblivious to its
fragile, tender
yet magnificently
destructive force


oh the ignorance of beauty
the ignorance of youth

It's Too Late To Be Online

New poem:

"A Tear In The Heart"

When what you love walks like
Ghosts through your head:
Untouchable shimmers you
Watch leave traces, places
In your life:

The house of deep steel:
Turbulent waters
At the center
And we rise.

Is this the thing you love,
Held so tightly by the palm,
The sting and bite,
Betray and lie
Next to your pain,

Become mutual? The hottest
Day of summer wallows
In the streets: all I wanted
Was to believe.
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New Poem: "Inferno"

Chaos of wind and felt leaves,
Symphony of tomorrow in your mouth:
Trick-tongued multiplicity
Opens us

Like the sky-
I have no other voice left.
Speak to the wall: speak to
The world.

Broken-stringed guitar and still
We dance.
Carnival-crazy and in lust-
Dare we say it: maybe love?

Chased and embittered, abandoned
But alive, ghosting the
Future with its past,

We are sprawled out:
Coasting, hoping
To stop the bleeding, knowing
God loves his children.
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sweet plucking of strings in the background
pain building behind desperate eyes
longing to see words from anyone
and of any kind
torn between love and want
two things that have never gone together
and sacrifice is no option
it's all or nothing
it has to be
wishes of a perfect blend
a happy medium
are only wishes
and nothing more
and that's how all wishes go
prayers are answered
and dreams are made real
but wishes never come true
we only wish them to

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a girl named paradise (june 18, 2007)

he said, “come here let’s play”
let’s make ourselves fall
and she said, “yes, let’s do that”
let’s give it our all

and then he said, “i quit”
there’s this overwhelming guilt
she said, “oh great, how about me”
i can’t seem to quit you anymore …

and her name was paradise
the world around her leaves her in disguise
she can’t seem to be herself anymore
now nothing will be like before

ok, he said, “come on let’s play”
i love you but i can’t get away
i need you but i just can’t stay
i can’t be here with you …

and her name was paradise
the songs he play serves her alibi
to keep him inside when he had let go
but she can’t let him ever know
he can never know …

her name was paradise
i love you but good bye

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You sing like sex-
A reverberating line:
I hold lightly
Lightly, just to feel it;
It made more sense.

Tell me I am
Leave me a brown leaf
On the ground.
Your stare: a tearing,
A withering, an
Abhorrent distaste,
Into the yearning crevice of my
Unhealable heart.

I wish you well.

Who would call it
If it didn't hurt?
I style myself
Is this a learning to
A gilded guarantee of tomorrow
In my pocket?
I turn away;
I walk away from
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So Far I've Only Sold 3 Books

According to the website. :( Hopefully the interview will help. Do me a great big favor and buy a book? I'll love you forever!!

New poem written today:

"If A Tree Falls In The Forest"

Summer sun slanting,
The broken golden warmth tantalizing
An iradescent veil hanging loose
On a line,
Happy in this moment, without purpose,
Or with even more purpose than when in use.
It's like the question that overemphasizes the
Importance of self.
We turn to the stillness of pollen-laden water,
Wishing for the same calm within ourselves.
There are so many questions I want to ask you,
But in reality they are all the one question,
Which then cancels itself out.
A tree falls in the forest:
You've changed me.
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Horse And A Hundered Years

Here are the poems I've been meaning to post for a horse and a hundred years:

"The Debility of the Ultonians"

"A curse upon you, O sons of Ulster!
A curse on every male of yours
To the ninth generation,
For your lack of consideration!"
Cried Macha as she bowed in birth
Of her twins, for she had outrun
The two fastest of the king's horses
To save the father from being
Hacked to pieces, at the cost of
Public labor. "Thus will you be
Weak in your hour of greatest need, thus
Will you fail in the sight of all men!
Thus will be your shame!"
-April 11, 2007

"World War Two"

The Ulsterman, so far from home and kin,
Gazes across a concentration camp block,
Forgetting the view over the lip of trenches
And the black nothingness of countless No Man's Lands.
Through lips white with the horror he will carry to his grave,
He whispers: "The Morrigan has been here,
For there lie the daughters of Bav who
Are alaughtered at every time."
He crosses himself no more.
-April 11, 2007

"When You Move"

When you move across my field of vision
I watch- a bird of prey, but
With less malice- soaking you into
My skin. Reverberating like taut lines, you are
Relevant and just distant enough. What
A mad world, what a mad world we wake.
It's a quaking Tower of Etemenanki and
It will hurt, but I am frozen still.
Is it your hand that ripples this night?
You are a pinprick of light.
-April 19, 2007
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on the run
is always when words want to pour out
dangling from
pictures in the rain
flashing fluorescent lights
and for what
because in the end
i always wake up
questions rushing
arms asleep
riding the tokyo bullet train
choreographing ballets of naked girls
the locks are off
it seems
will manage to misinterpret
the whole thing
might as well roll
open up
the flow
i am not the one deciding