September 17th, 2008

my day in jail and story to tell

How did I get here
It hurts me to tell
Covered in tears
And in a jail cell
My anger went wild
Aggression took over
I acted like a drunk
But was totally sober
My mother’s tears grew
As they cuffed my hands tight
Knowing I’d be locked up
In jail for the night
Too strong to give in
To my immature ways
She said no to bail
Go to court the next day
Having the worse
Thoughts in my mind
Hearing the cop say
You’re in for a long time
I slept in my cell
On a bench three feet long
I lied there restless
With the thought of all I did wrong
Then my sleep aids kicked in
And I fell into slumber
Gave into the fear
Of the roof I slept under
Then the next day I awoke
To do things I rather withhold
Then they brought me somewhere nicer
But much more cold
I got a new cell and an actual bed
Got put on suicide watch
What’s the point I feel dead
I fell asleep quickly
But awoke just as fast
“Ms get all ready”
It’s court at last
I get cuffed and shackled
And locked in a room
With a girl on heroin
Pleading NOT GUILTY too
So I entered the court and gave out my plea
Said I’m not guilty
And got released
So just one day of jail
That will stick in my head
I hope you now can take in
These things I have said