September 11th, 2007


(no subject)

I enjoy feedback, but take into consideration that this poem was written for no one but me,

'Fish bones'

I call him Walter
But he doesn't know my name
I look at his face in black and white
But he'll never see me.

Ive seen many tears shed over Walter
But none of them have been mine.
Ive felt and held his old belongings,
but he'll never be real to me.

I'm sorry you were to late,
when you drove to see him die.
I'm sorry I call him Walter,
Instead of Grandfather.

'Hollow Children'

Just shy away from us
Wander into hidden woods
Where everyone pretends-
Not to know what you're up to.

There's no answers at the bottom of that tiny ziploc bag
But you've known that all along
Theres no changing where you've been
And there's no changing what I've seen you do.

So just shy away
And come back with sniffles
And fast paced conversations
And just see me pretend
Not to care about what you're up to.

So many false emotions
Trailing away into false love
As fake as the smiles plastered on your faces

The only thing you have in common with these people
Is the powder under your nose
And the size of your pupils
The only thing you have in common with these people
Is that you're all wasting away
Into skeleton men
With broken bones