June 26th, 2007

a girl named paradise (june 18, 2007)

he said, “come here let’s play”
let’s make ourselves fall
and she said, “yes, let’s do that”
let’s give it our all

and then he said, “i quit”
there’s this overwhelming guilt
she said, “oh great, how about me”
i can’t seem to quit you anymore …

and her name was paradise
the world around her leaves her in disguise
she can’t seem to be herself anymore
now nothing will be like before

ok, he said, “come on let’s play”
i love you but i can’t get away
i need you but i just can’t stay
i can’t be here with you …

and her name was paradise
the songs he play serves her alibi
to keep him inside when he had let go
but she can’t let him ever know
he can never know …

her name was paradise
i love you but good bye

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    not falling apart – maroon 5


sweet plucking of strings in the background
pain building behind desperate eyes
longing to see words from anyone
and of any kind
torn between love and want
two things that have never gone together
and sacrifice is no option
it's all or nothing
it has to be
wishes of a perfect blend
a happy medium
are only wishes
and nothing more
and that's how all wishes go
prayers are answered
and dreams are made real
but wishes never come true
we only wish them to

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