January 25th, 2007

in personae

in personae i can be
a seamless person apart from me
filling the shoes of somebody
i have ought to live prematurely

in personae i see deception
meeting ends against misconception
breaking laws altogether
just so we can be together

in personae i feel
i steal
glimpse of the sweet future
i walk
i talk
endlessly unbound from reality
in personae i am me
no matter how immature
no matter how unlikely
in personae i am free

in personae i feel endlessly
the fuel for life to be dealt easily
i tap its majestic longings
to meet my sudden misgivings

in personae
in personae

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My first entry here

Hello everyone, I'm Johanna. Glad to be a member of this great community. I'm not a great poetry writer (I lean more to prose) but I still love it. Here's one I wrote recently.

So many words come out of my mouth
I try to swallow
Or change them, last minute
But they are relentless as the tide.
My mind blanks, my heart stops
and everything I believe inside
All the facts I hold so dear
Dissapear into jumbled waste.
If only I could speak
As I write,
Instead of yeilding
To my tornado tongue.
Words are precious,
Though I butcher them profoundly
And every time I do,
A part of me collapses.