kismekiki17 (kismekiki17) wrote in _thepoetsheart_,

Something’s not right

When a girl like her

Loses faith

In her own beauty

And it becomes a blur

She hears you’re too fat

At one hundred and ten

Voices say drop the food

It’s a killer best friend

Oh the pain she must feel

When she follows society

She loses the weight

But the world’s still not happy

They send out the message

To girls like her

And like you

That you’re way too big

If you wear a size two

Now something’s not right

When every girl has to fight

The scale and the mirror

Every damn night

So how does this effect

Those poor girls in a ten

No way they are fat

they're still beautiful and thin

The world’s message kills

Girls are destroying their health

To be what society says

Is they’re perfect self








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