kismekiki17 (kismekiki17) wrote in _thepoetsheart_,


I see you can taste

The fear not visible on my face

You love to make me frightened

With my heart at a dangerous pace

I can feel you staring through me

Trying to detect my weakness

Somehow you can grab

A hold of my heart

Taking it every time I need it

I don’t see how you know me so well

When you barely stayed around

I always thought when I’d open up

You wouldn’t hear a sound

Maybe as I spilled my heart

And you were ignoring all my words

You just examined things that tear me apart

That’s why to you my whole past’s been a blur

I just seemed to assume

That when guys would used you

It was for physical enjoyment for them

I never though it could be my father

Pointing at my flaws to avoid all his sins


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