kismekiki17 (kismekiki17) wrote in _thepoetsheart_,

Now look at me


I am still thinking of you

I just can’t stop

I love that you say you love me

I hate that you don’t mean it

I want you to mean it so bad

I need you to come around soon

I smell your cologne and nearly go crazy

I say hate you

I don’t though and that’s what I hate

I lost all common sense when I met you

I broke all of my rules and morals to keep you around

I feel like an idiot for still loving you

I learned that it’s all a game to you

I dream you will realize you’ve been ridiculous

I think that is far from ever happening

I remember when I could hear your name and not fall apart

I can almost taste your rage

I have hidden feeling on how things ended

I live off all you’re lies, they were so addictive

I forget how beautiful they were at times

I never thought I’d become this person living this life you led me to

I once thought you finally understood and would come back and stay

But now

You are using the same lies on new victems

You hear crying and it pleases you

You love that say I hate you

You hate that I really love you

You want me to mean it

You need me to move on so you can live guilt free

You smell my fear and your adrenaline rises

You say you never loved me

You don’t mean it though and you don’t know how to accept that

You lost every bit of self-respect when you used a death for excuses to get out of inconveniences

You learned nothing obviously

You dream that I’ll forget how knifing you were

You think it’s actually possible, think again

You remember when we could talk without leaving emotional injuries

You can almost feel your soul about to burst

You have lost sight with reality

You live with a smile knowing I’m still miserable

You forgot to grow a heart before attempting an apology

You never thought it would get so out of hand

You once were my everything

You’re now nothing 
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