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Multifandom icons, a favor to ask, and requests in return

SPN, BSG, Smallville, ATS, Charmed, X-Files, Dracula, Veronica Mars, Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Dollhouse, Being Human, Doctor Who

45 multi-fandom icons, just follow the fake cut @ just_delicious

If you've commented here saying "I support Team Dollhouse" please consider doing so as it would mean the world to me. If you'd like an icon for your time feel free to go petitemerci , or honestly jut comment here, and request one. For those wondering if they could support more than one team yes you can.


Hey everyone. I'm pimpin'

First of all, join fullerverse where we're all celebrating Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies, and Dead Like Me!

Second of all whedonland. I'll be available for questions regarding activities this weekend during slayerfest or helping hosts tally points, just let me know! And Woot! theactives are #1. Now boys and girls if we want to stay that way, let's step away from our shiny new Dollhouse and BSG DVDS this weekend and stay active!

Third...Is there a third of all. Oh yeah. I'm of the opinion beople should go join spn_teamfic and join team hunters!

Edit: Fourth join bonesland I'll be helping with teambrennan. It should be awesome!

And anyone wanting make a pledge to Equality Now for my blogathon efforts, you have until Friday. Even a dollar helps! (And if you want to read my posts on women in television they'll all be public until Sunday.)

Here's a link. You'll have to log in, but it's fairly easy from there.


do you'll have more gifs to celebrate with when your team kicks butt!