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we could be heroes

ATS: Lilah Morgan / Wesley Wyndham-Pryce fanmix & icons

(Experimental) Lilah / Wesley fanmix - grey matters (of the heart)
and 12 accompanying icons @ my journal


Funny thing about black and white. You mix it together and you get grey. And it doesn't matter how much white you try and put back in, you're never gonna get anything but grey.

My health has been poor but I'll try to get very belated requests up soon. If any one has any BSG or ATS requests in the meantime, ask. (mostly smaller graphics, icons, signatures (for elsewhere), or even fanmixes fo that matter.

You can find some of my previous heavily Lilah / Wes related posts here:
http://community.livejournal.com/_thepleiades/7498.html#cutid1 (Stephanie Romanov icons)

136 Icons

ATS-41 Lilah Morgan,6 Wesley,6 Lindsey Mcdonald/CK,15 Lilah/Wesley,5 Lilah/Lindsey,5 Kate Lockley,2 Holland Manners,2 Cordelia,2 Faith,1 Gwen, 1 Fred,1 Fred/Angel/Groo,1 Fred/Wesley
Other Television-10 Battlestar Gallactica,3 Veronica Mars,2 Wonderfalls, 3 Firefly
Actresses-1 Maggie Grace,1 Rebecca Gayheart,2 Mellisa George,4 Miranda Richardson,1 Juliet Landau,4 Mercedes McNab,2 Elizabeth Anne Allen,2 Rose McGowan
Movies-4 Vanity Fair,2 Pleasantville, 3 Walk The Line, 2 Iron Jawed Angels, 2 Jaw Breaker

Please comment even if just to say taking or leave constructive crit.
And credit juliet42
If you want text on something feel free to request.

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