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20 icons for Round 4 @ cw20in20

20 icons made for Round 4 @ cw20in20
CW Shows - Free For All

Supernatural, Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, Smallville, and Veronica Mars (+ one Chuck/SPN crossover)

I was sort of all over the place with this one.

Table under the magical fake cut

Please credit juliet42 if taking.

auctioning off buy it now icons, banners, wallpapers, picspams, and mini-mixes @ helpthesouth and stop_sids

cw_land is an interactive challenge community.
The four teams are Supernatural, Smallville, Vampire Diaries, and Gossip Girl.

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we could be heroes

Help Japan!

Multifandom Fanvids (2):

Buy it now Drabble Sets ( Multi-fandom: Au, Crossover, Gen, Het, and Fem-slash) Yes they probably won't be done until May, unless you give me people like Anya, Lilah, Gwen, Whiskey, Bela, Six, Laura Roslin, Boomer, or Ellen Tigh... Obligations and such. But they'll rock. I promise :

Color Care Packages
Pink: http://community.livejournal.com/help_japan/3721.html?thread=665225#t665225
Yellow: http://community.livejournal.com/help_japan/3721.html?thread=668041#t668041

Vegan Cupcakes:
Whedonverse Care Package:
Ann Arbor Care Package:

I also have a request thread for a long term beta.
Team Dollhouse Esses

Pirmping for helpbrazil 2011

Offering: fanvids.
Fandom/s: ATS, Dollhouse, BSG, Caprica, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Veronica Mars, Leverage, Smallville, Birds of Prey, Coupling, Doctor Who, Tru Blood, Big Bang Theory, Alias, NCIS, Homicide, Being Human, Sanctuary, Primeval, Batman The Animated Series, Stargate SG-1, Farscape, Wonderfalls, Six Feet Under, Fringe, Mutant X, Demons, Hex, Miracles, Apparitions, pretty much any show with a vampire in it. Will do crossovers.
Characters/Pairings: Your choice.
Requirements/Minimum bids: $15 (I'm quadriplegic), will do vids for top two bidders

Offering: fanfiction .
Fandom/s: The 4400, Alias, American Dreams, Angel, Apparitions, Battlestar Galactica, Being Human, Better Off Ted, The Big Bang Theory, Bionic Woman, Birds of Prey, Blade: The Series, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Burn Notice, Caprica, Charmed, The Class, Cold Case, Coupling, Dark Angel, Dead Like Me, Demons, Doctor Who (New and old school involving Romana), Dollhouse, The Dresden Files, Eureka, Farscape, Felicity, Firefly, Forever Knight, Grey's Anatomy, Haven, Heroes, Hex, Highlander, Homicide: Life on the Streets, How I Met Your Mother, In Plain Sight, Jekyll, Joan of Arcadia, Kindred: The Embraced, La Femme Nikita, Legend of The Seeker , Leverage, Lost, Manchild, MI-5, Miracles, Monk, Moonlight, Mutant X, NCIS, Pain Killer Jane, Point Pleasant, Popular, Primeval, Psych, Robin Hood, Roswell, Sanctuary, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Scrubs, Sex and The City, Six Feet Under, Sliders, Smallville, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1, Strange, Strange Luck, Supernatural, Tru Calling, True Blood, The Tudors, Torchwood, Vampire Diaries, Veronica Mars, Watchmen, Warehouse 13, Wonderfalls, X-Files.
Characters/Pairings: gen/het/fem-slash, AU, crossovers. Will try any characters. Particularly anything with Bela Talbot, Lilah Morgan, Lindsey McDonald, Bennett, Whiskey, Topher, Adelle, Echo, Helena Kyle, Mickey Jones, Donna Noble, Wilf Mott, Amy Pond, Rory, Romana 1, Elle Bishop, Daphne Millbrook, Vala Mal Doran, Claudia Donovan,
Requirements/Minimum bids: Every $2 will get you 100 words up to 10,000 words maximum each. Will write for top two bidders.(Odds are these wont be finished until March)

Fandom/s: Any as long as you provide HQ image sources. Othewise BSG, Caprica, Smallville, Birds of Prey, Sanctuary, SG-1, Farscape, Supernatural, Gossip Girl, Whedonverse
Characters/Pairings: any.
Requirements/Minimum bids: Every $2 per icon, $3 for manips, maximum of 50. If bids reach $50 will throw in fanmix as well.


Offering: podfic
Fandom/s: BSG, Caprica, Birds of Prey, Sanctuary, SG-1, Supernatural, Whedonverse.
Characters/Pairings:gen, het, fem-slash, crossovers, AU, No NC-17, please
Requirements/Minimum bids: Every $2 will get you 100 words up to 10,000 words maximum.

Three sample of early vids I made like two years ago- These were the first actual vids I made. I am now capable of making them less choppy.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ai0Eom43sv4 (An ATS video that I never intended on sharing because my computer was acting up and the end has a glitch.)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5nO0FVwxFE (Wesley-Womanizer)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ia_YadJhjg4 (Donna Noble- When You Were Young)


Hey everyone. I'm pimpin'

First of all, join fullerverse where we're all celebrating Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies, and Dead Like Me!

Second of all whedonland. I'll be available for questions regarding activities this weekend during slayerfest or helping hosts tally points, just let me know! And Woot! theactives are #1. Now boys and girls if we want to stay that way, let's step away from our shiny new Dollhouse and BSG DVDS this weekend and stay active!

Third...Is there a third of all. Oh yeah. I'm of the opinion beople should go join spn_teamfic and join team hunters!

Edit: Fourth join bonesland I'll be helping with teambrennan. It should be awesome!

And anyone wanting make a pledge to Equality Now for my blogathon efforts, you have until Friday. Even a dollar helps! (And if you want to read my posts on women in television they'll all be public until Sunday.)

Here's a link. You'll have to log in, but it's fairly easy from there.


do you'll have more gifs to celebrate with when your team kicks butt!


BSG fans, sign ups are open over at bsg_lims

If you're into writing, beta-ing, making art for fics, encouraging writers, and such bsg_bigbang is also taking sign ups.

If you like Chuck, check out operation_chuck
I'll be posting there eventually. Probably a picspam.

And if you have minute, this link will take you where you need to go and give you a pre-made form to pick my top five icons from a batch of 50. This will help me know what you like, so I can do more of it. Thanks in advance.