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Multifandom Icon Dump Part #1

First real icon post in a year, wow. Some old some new, this post is very much a mixed bag. This post contains Smallville, Buffy, Angel, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly (2), Bionic Woman (1), and actress icons.

Next post will contain Angel, Charmed, Supernatural, X-Files, Dollhouse and Homicide among other things.

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100 ATS icons

100 ATS icons; including (approx):
32 Wesley, 19 Cordelia, 15 Fred/Illyria, 12 Gunn, 12 Lilah, 11 Angel, 10 Darla, 8 Lindsey, 6 Virginia, 6 Harmony, 4 Drusilla, 2 Connor, 2 Eve, 2 Lorne, 2 Anne, 1 Kate, 1 Gwen, 1 Doyle, 1 Hamilton, 1 Nina, 1 Faith, 1 Spike

Please comment, credit juliet42, leave constructive criticism if taking or even if just passing by. I use voice control, so these take a while I'd really like to hear what you have to say.

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136 Icons

ATS-41 Lilah Morgan,6 Wesley,6 Lindsey Mcdonald/CK,15 Lilah/Wesley,5 Lilah/Lindsey,5 Kate Lockley,2 Holland Manners,2 Cordelia,2 Faith,1 Gwen, 1 Fred,1 Fred/Angel/Groo,1 Fred/Wesley
Other Television-10 Battlestar Gallactica,3 Veronica Mars,2 Wonderfalls, 3 Firefly
Actresses-1 Maggie Grace,1 Rebecca Gayheart,2 Mellisa George,4 Miranda Richardson,1 Juliet Landau,4 Mercedes McNab,2 Elizabeth Anne Allen,2 Rose McGowan
Movies-4 Vanity Fair,2 Pleasantville, 3 Walk The Line, 2 Iron Jawed Angels, 2 Jaw Breaker

Please comment even if just to say taking or leave constructive crit.
And credit juliet42
If you want text on something feel free to request.

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