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it is the pants

that bind us

_thepants got some dancin' to do
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Welcome to _thepants, maintained by your lovely hosts dark_soul_lost and phantomparadise! This is a selective community for icons. Anyone can join, but you've gotta be extra-special at icon or base making to be able to post. To apply for posting, comment here (all posts are screened) with examples of your icon/base work. Simple enough, yes?

The Rules.
We don't have many, but we like to abide by them stringently. Break them and dark_soul_lost will eat you. :D

1) This community has no themes. We don't like themes. Post whatever icon style you like, so long as it's not hardcore porn. This means no nudity. It does not, however, mean no slash-centric icons. We are not homophobes.

2) Posts with more than three icons shall be constrained under an lj-cut. Two warnings is the limit, and then you're on probation. Probation is better than being eaten.

If you don't know how to do an lj-cut, attend: <lj-cut text="describing words go here"> icons here </lj-cut>

If you don't know how to post an icon... um. Then what are you doing even making them?

3) No flaming, ever. Flamers will be banned with no warnings. This goes for trolls and spammers as well.

4) We are selective and cocky, therefore you must exceed our expectations. :D Haha, in all seriousness, we'll not tolerate mediocrity. We've seen mediocre. We've been mediocre, and we are sick of it. If you are rejected, practice new and different styles, then try again. There's no limit for applying. Just don't spam.

Want advice for icons? Ask us. phantomparadise has a bunch of tutorials in her memories, and dark_soul_lost probably has some on her harddrive or her website, and has quite a few textures and brushes she's made in her memories. We share these things willingly.

5) Don't steal icons. It's not cool. It's so far beyond cool there aren't proper words for it. Along the same line, comment and credit people for the icons they've made. Not everyone requires it, but it's always nice, and oftentimes keeps us churning out those icons.

Does this seem like too many rules? Probably. Oh well!

If you have any questions, please direct them to either phantomparadise or dark_soul_lost. Neither of us bite.

...Much. :D

And this is dark_soul_lost editing this userinfo without consulting phantomparadise first. But I'm pretty sure phantomparadise will probably spare my life this time.