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a question: do you believe that people are destined to do the things that they do, or do you think that society plays more than its fair share in what happens to the average human?

personally, i believe that society retards most humans in today's societies. people don't know what they want, what they should fight for, or how to think for themselves because everyone else does it for them. schools are nothing more than memorization exercises anymore. i'm reading the history of man through the eyes of simone de beauvoir and seeing just how bad religion has messed with women throughout the ages. even now, with the mormons visiting ucsb's campus, i see the oppression of women through meager allowances and minor praises. as long as they're happy, can i really say that's a bad thing? whether it's the overally society or the little sects people belong to, there seems to be very little progress in the world today.

also, let me say thank you to all the people who are giving this community a chance. i hope we can have some good conversations.
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first post...

welcome to the community. i created this space because i was sick of asking serious and important questions while talking to stupid people. here's my background: i just began studying theory earlier this year and am currently trudging through simone de beauvoir's the second sex. it's the first thing i've read, but i have studied quite a bit of theory in classes at ucsb. most of those classes had us read excerpts or just discussed the texts in the classroom setting (sans the massive tomes). i am always interested in hearing from people who are of a different background than i, as long as they don't censor themselves in the process. a dose of reality is good for a person every now and then, you know?

leave a comment if you're interested in joining. we'll discuss vaguely (via topics and personal theories) or in depth about books, depending on who's listening. i'm open for anything, as long as you read the user info page and don't commit the fallacies of argumentation.

here's to a healthy community...
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