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Title: Cigarettes & Chocolate
Fandom: The O.C.
Pairing: Seth/Alex
Rating: PG for now.
Author: lovelucklyrics

A tall, thin, wavy haired brunette with boyish good looks, and natural tan stepped into the now empty Bait Shop, a common hangout right off campus grounds.

He makes his way over the bar where unbeknownst to him a small group watches with curiosity.

“Are you lost?” ask a short sassy girl with chestnut brown hair.

“I don’t think so...” he says looking back at her in confusion as he takes his seat on a bar stool.

“You do realize were all gay here” says a flamboyant man in a too small pink polo shirt, topped off with a lifted collar.

“Congratulations” replies the dark eyed boy almost in question as to what was expected of him, while reaching into his back pocket and placing his cell phone onto the bar.

His quick wit earning the attention of one blonde in particular, who chuckled lightly before tossing a wet rag at the feminine boy in pink, watching in amusement as he picks it up between a stiff index finger and thumb before dropping it on the bar top and squealing, “Gross!”

“You’re such a chick Luke.” said the blonde playfully.

The taller boy grins slightly at the scowl the preppy boy throws in the direction of the blonde, before looking at the source of the throaty voice that caught his ear.

“I think what my friend is trying to say, is that maybe you’ll feel more comfortable further down the bar. Most breeders do.”

“I think I’m fine. Thank you... Alex.” said the boy noticing the name tag she wore, before looking back at the blond behind the bar.

Noting her piercing green eyes and their get back stare, the purple streak in her hair, and butter fly tattoo on her arm.

Trouble he thought.

“Suit your self.” said the interested girl. Most times the straight guys panic at the sight of Luke and his current boy toy sharing a milkshake.

“What’s your name?” ask the short brunette sliding into the empty bar stool next to him.

“Seth.” he said reaching for her hand.

“Jodie.” said the girl before reaching past his awaiting hand and grabbing his cell phone casually. “This the new iphone?” she ask before sliding her thumb across the screen and unlocking the phone expertly.

“Yeah...How did you?...” ask Seth in shock.

“Smile.” says the carefree brunette before snapping an unsuspecting picture of Seth. “Oooh.” she sighs after reviewing the picture in which Seth appears with closed eyes and an open mouth.

She turns in her seat and snaps one of Luke and his special friend smiling sweetly at the camera with cheeks pressed against each other.

“Awww that’s special...” says Seth desperately trying to retrieve his phone, before Jodie snaps another of herself making a funny face with crossed eyes. “ know I’m going to have to delete those, so feel free to stop whenever you’d like” he says sarcastically. “O.k.... maybe I’ll keep that one” he says with a shit eating grin on his face, while watching Jodie lean across the bar a snap a photo millimeters apart from her ex-girlfriends lips.

“Uh- huh.” says Alex while shaking her head with a small smile.

“We still got it.” says Jodie before high-fiving Alex across the counter top.

This time it’s Alex who takes the phone and takes a picture while pulling Seth by his shirt, and placing a kiss onto his cheek.

She saves it as his wallpaper just as his phone begins to ring.

“Gimme that.” he says pulling the phone from her hands before they can do anymore damage. “Your no fun” she pouts before returning to drying glasses. “Hey Ryan, yeah... alright I’ll me you there” he finishes before ending the call and placing his phone safely into his back pocket.

“Aww, you leaving already?” ask Luke purposely trying to panic the poor boy before him.

“Ha ha, yeah.” laughs Seth nervously while taking a few steps back.

“You should drop by again soon.” tells the bartender sincerely.

“Yeah, that’s not going to happen...” replies Seth with a large smile.

“Scared?” threatens Alex with a smile of her own.

“Terrified.” he says before turning to walk towards the club exit, leaving the bad ass blonde with a goofy school girl grin on her face.

Seth rushed his way through crowded corridors frantically trying to find anatomy lab 218, and make it to class before his professor did.

He hurries into the lab room out of breathe and gasping for air, and silently wishing for his inhaler before looking up at noticing the small laboratory already filled with about 25 students and said professor. All staring back at him, when the door slammed shut behind him.

“Hey.” he said while waving awkwardly to his classmates, earning him amused looks and light laughter from his peers, while trying to conceal a smirk from the annoyed professor at the front of the classroom.

Quickly making his way through the lab, he’s relieved to recognize many of his friends from past health classes.

“You gotta be kidding me.” he whispers sliding into the empty seat behind the bartender from the Bait Shop.

“Are you stocking me now?” Alex teases while slightly turning in her seat to face him.

“Oh, I wouldn’t dream of it...” he says smiling back at her. “...Where are your cronies?” he asks looking around the classroom.

“Around” she answers pointing to Luke a few seats down.

He nods before hearing the professor explain how the course consists of two days lecture, and two days at the hospital.

“So...” says Seth rising from his seat while tossing his black Jansport bag onto his shoulder, “’re a med student?” he asks the fiery blonde in slight shock and slight amusement.

“That surprise you?” she retorts as they make their ways outside the lab.

“Yeah...” he says truthfully before grinning slyly and continuing “...didn’t peg you for the humanitarian type... figured you more as some type of gang leader, initiating overly exuberant friendly people to take others property, and torment them while they sit at bars” he jokes.

“True. But that’s just part-time. Honestly theater and acting is more my thing, but parent’s wont pay for those courses unless I have a “back-up plan”” she says accentuates with air quotes. “...anyways, we got some local band playing at the Shop tonight, you coming?” ask Alex when they reach the parking garage.

“I don’t know, I’m not so into the “local scene”...” he says using air quotes mockingly, “it’s not really “my thing” you know...” he says blatantly teasing the girl. “...Or people who use “air quotes.”” he finishes playfully before being shoved lightly by Alex.

“Jerk.” she says trying to hide a smile before getting into her car.


“Wakeup! Wakeup! Wakeup!” says the petite blond while shoving Seth continuously as he lay on the pool house couch. One foot resting on the floor the other tangled in a knot of sheets.

“Whaaaaaaaaat!” he mumbles into the pillow before turning his head in annoyance towards the direction of the shoves.

“Wake up.” answers the short girl simply. He slowly sits up on the couch and rubs his sleepy eyes before glancing at the clock.

“Anna, I swear if you woke me up this early to play Jenga again...”

“First off all, it’s 9:30. Second of all I did not wake you play Jenga, I came by to eat your father’s breakfast.” she finishes with a large smile.

Sandy Cohen was notorious for his bagels and coffee.

“What happen to you last night? ... You disappeared for like an hour.” he ask remembering how she’d excused herself to use the restroom last night at the Bait Shop, and didn’t return until they were about to leave.

“I made out with the bartender.” she says quickly before sitting next to Seth on the couch, with an even bigger smile.

“Alex?” ask Seth smirk in place.

“Um huh.” says Anna blushing lightly.

“Oh my god... My best friends a slut.” he says receiving another shove.

That arm is going to bruise he thought before Ryan came in.

“No I’m not.” said the short dirty blond boy.

“No, I meant my other friend.” he says.

“Oh...” he shrugs, scratching at his light facial hair before tying his boots. “...Sandy made bagels.” he announces once he’s finished.

“Sweet!” yelled the spunky blond making her way outside the pool house.

“Ryan. Did you know Anna here is a big fan of Katy Perry.” says Seth, barely dodging another shove as he follows close behind.

“Who?” ask Ryan shutting the pool house door behind him.

“No one!” interjects Anna before glaring at Seth as he hums; “I kissed a girl and I like it...”
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