this is the first song for your mix tape

its short just like your temper

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mix tapes for the masses
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this community is for those people who feel a good mix tape will fix anything, it is a rating community so there are a few rules to follow.

the point/rules

*Join the community,
*You have 4 days to post an application, if you don't post you'll be kicked out
*if you must promote put it behind a lj cut
*put your application behind an lj cut and title your post "I've got a 20 dollar bill" so we know you read the rules.
*update your ideas for mix tapes, but also you can post other things like pictures, ideas for cd covers lyrics whatever, its just a music community.
*Explain the tape a little, just a few words on why these songs are brought together.
*update by putting a 10-100 song mix behind an lj cut
*please no putting down anyones taste in music, or choice of mix.
*Enjoy, and tell a friend about us.

well thats about all for now
PS: if you have a band, or genre you'd like to add to intresets, write it on an entry


*Opening song:
*Waking up:
*First date:
*First kiss:
*Falling in love:
*Seeing an old love:
*Driving fast:
*Getting ready to go out:
*Partying with friends:
*Dancing at a club:
*Feeling sexy:
*Walking alone in the rain
*Missing someone:
*Playing in the ocean:
*Summer vacation:
*Fighting with someone:
*Acting goofy with friends:
*Thinking back:
*Feeling depressed:
*Christmas time:
*Falling asleep:
*Closing song:

at least 2 pictures (1 of you, 1 random)
what you could bring to the community:
give the link to one place you promoted:
write a little extra about urself:

ur mods!!!





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