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Name: Ashlee (I hate the spelling too, don't worry.)
Age: 15
Location: Hawaii
Grade/Year in School (include major if in college): 10th
Current job (if applicable): My mom sometimes pays me to model for her photography, if that counts.

How did you hear of our community?: I found a link on another community.
Why should we allow you into our community? Because I'm not a retard. No. Really. Because the people on here seem to be intelligent, contrary to what I've seen so far in my

browsing of LJ, and I so it interests me.

Please explain why the following people/things suck, and for God's sake, be creative.
Your best friend: My friends and I generally get along fine....however, an "ex friend" of mine BECAME an ex friend because the bitch hacked into my email account and read all

my private stuff, and ended up using it as a way into my credit card account and spent about 150 bucks. She was just a -TAD- crazy.
Your worst enemy:She convinced my (now) ex I was cheating on him (only reason he trusted her was because we used to be friends.)
Your boss or teacher: If you EVER ask my English teacher to explain ANYTHING, she completely flips out and yells at you for no reason. I hear she's getting fired soon,

Any celebrity: I don't really dislike any celebrities...
Any organization(i.e. PETA, the NAACP, The Global Communist Party, etc...Really any collective holding a statement you can strongly contest is eligible for this question,

even if they aren't especially well known):
I can't stand PETA for a very simple reason, they make other, NORMAL animal activists look just as insane a sthey do, and I think that's

extremely insulting. Plus they're simply extremeists.
Yourself: I contradict myself constantly. Thats pretty simple but it drives me and others insane, often.

Bands/singers: Utada
Books: Stargirl. I'd say the writer but I can't spell his last name. :)
Movies: Mean Girls, though that seems a very expected answer.
TV Shows: I'm a self confessed anime addict, especially LOVELESS and HimeHime.

Is there a band, movie, television show, or book you would strongly recommend? LOVELESS. ;)
Is there a favorite of yours of which you're highly ashamed? If so, why?Not really. I try not to be ashamed of stuff like that, afterall, isn't that pretty...well, retarded, to use the word

I see so much in this community.

More About You
What name do you wish you'd been born with instead of your own? Maybe just a simple Ashley, instead of the double e's at the end?
If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? Japan, where my family originates from. I've only been twice to visit my grandparents.
List your best personality traits: I'm usually funny, I "take no shit", apparently, and I'm very rational.
List your worst personality traits: Indecisive, hypocritical, and maybe just a little crazy.
What's your biggest pet peeve? People who sleep, lie or basically just make their way to the top without actually doing anything
What is your greatest fear and why? Heights. I don't really know why.
What is something you're better at than anyone else you know? Dancing
Do you read into dream symbolism? Not really.
Have you been diagnosed with any psychological disorders? Nope.
Cite one life-changing event that has played a pivotal role in the person you are today:My mom moving to Hawaii when I was 2. I say that makes a damn big difference.
Use the TITLE of one: song, movie, tv show, OR book to describe yourself. Explain.Ambitious! <---My friends say I'll do basically anything as long as it's not again ym morals to

get what I want or to where I want. I consider it a good attribute.

World View
Do you have any sort of political affiliation? No. I firmly believe both sides are crooks in every sense of the word.
What's one issue that means the most to you right now? The short jail sentences that child predators and rapists are getting these days.
What do you consider to be the single most important event in known history? Why? Oh, god, that's a tough one. So I'll pull an answer out of my ass and say; my own birth.
What big change in the world would you like to see happen before you die?I'm not sure. i honestly don't tihnk about that kind of stuff much.

Share a quote or picture (or both if you want) and explain why you chose it/them. It can be funny/serious/stupid/pointless/etc.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
One of my moms pictures I posed for.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Picture taken on my friends cell phone, goofing off at school...oh joy.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
From my birthday party, out on the beach. I'm aware the rat hair is ass ugly. Mom wanted me to wear it.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Promote us in two (2) places without violating the LJ TOS and show the links:
(Sorry for using promotion communities, it probably seems lazy but it's late. I'll try to promote more later to make up for it.)

(neither of the banners worked.)

Applicant Agreement
If you don't get accepted, you won't get all retarded and tell us about how much we suck and how you never wanted to be in the community anyway. You applied. You want to be in it.

Yes or No: Yes.


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