I'm alive

Yeah so I survived and I'm back. I've been scrolling through past entries, but if you guys think I've missed anything extremely important and want to let me know, I'd appreciate it. Other than that, yay I'm home!
Best Buddies

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Few things left unanswered:

Updated Bios, cool or lame?

Themes, love them or leave them?

Returning member application, same as new applicants or create one specific for them?

If anyone has ideas for the bios and RM application, please feel free to submit them or at least give us a date as to when you will have them in. If nobody responds, I will put together something, but I can guarantee that it will not be greatness.

Everyone is expected to respond to this.. I'm using it as a community member check. Old members need to be weeded out.. well if that's cool with everyone.

Thanks babes. Hope all of your summer vacations have been excellent!