Dour festival report [x-posted]

Two robots disguised as humans: Sue Denim and Dee Plume a.k.a. Robots In Disguise. Dee sing, blast her guitar and love to lie down on the stage floor when singing. Sue also chant and is perfectly grooving as one with her bass guitar. Both shake, shout, throw things, move a lot on the stage, even out of it, as they literally jump, stage diving into the audience when it least expect it. In all that action driven performance they still manage to keep their punkish electro music truculently rocking, adding a little flute or xylophone play at times, all that in a catchy crazy way. In brief: they ROCK!

It's the most funny, groovy and joyful electro punkish duo I have seen for years. For these robot girls, a stage is a playground. The robots' duo was very well programmed on the 15th July at the Dour festival. I haven't seen any major malfunction, so good to know robots can live forever. I suggest that they release a cover version of Prefab Sprout's 'The King of Rock and Roll', I even dreamed up a video for it a few nights after the ride...♡

There were more than 50 bands, DJs and formations on the line up in the many tents and open-air stages at the Dour festival the very same day (and night). It would be impossible to see all these p.a. but I could watch (that's the word) the end of the Vive la Fête p.a. and wasn't moved at all by their music, they were good live a few years ago but now it end up sounding pretty boring certainly with their bad empty repetitive French lyrics and monotonous music riff. All I could enjoy, even from far, was the singer (Els Pino)'s legs not the music.

To me, the most mesmerizing, deep, poetic, profound, sensual revelation of the festival was Chris Corner new formation: I am X. Chris Corner is very charismatic on stage and his music in I am X is a perfect synthesis of electronic rock funky romantica. Hard to describe anyway, so go to see and listen to I am X live if you get the chance they come nearby your area. Don't miss it. I Am X - Kiss and Swallow on Recall is a great electro pop album by the way.

I could also see the Mylo live set, the music was good, groovy, not specially original but tasteful. Myles MacInnes' stage musicians (bass/guitar, drums, synth..) played sharp; maybe too sharp to do it for real as Mylo's music sounds and is electronically created, they might have been faking it and in case not, were playing like a fully controlled sequencer. Most tunes were even played for too long in my view, like they were playing the extended play remix edit but there was however a few little compositional jewels here and there. The public was quite enthusiastic, obviously strongly so when some club oriented tracks were played. One thing is sure, Mylo sound is GOOD.

Amon Tobin gave the most impressive of all p.a., intertwining in his way Drum & Bass with Trip-Hop, Downtempo Exotica, Latin and Ambient soundscape with layers and layers of Glitch and weird noise. He took all of us for a journey into sound and serially dropping fast beats again, with his very peculiar approach to tuning sounds and orchestration. I'm not a dedicated fan of the Drum & Bass genre, and Amon Tobin's music isn't specially that either but he could get me moving and jumping on these kind of rhythm, which rarely happen. It was unique. A one man show I'll always remember. Could you believe it: it was strong and smooth, swaying in fast and slow mode, intricate but full of vibes, multi layered then minimal or sharp as a razor and again effervescent, sparkling, lively mad at times then wisely orchestrated. Tobin was getting us lost in adventurous and cavernous soundry then kidnapping us on a highway to surprise. Note that the sound system was also MASSIVE! I had an USAmercian guest by my side and she was desiring to leave that stage area to go checking the way more formal Mylo act as it started a bit before the end of Tobin live concert. Amon Adonai Santos de Araujo Tobin music is for those who prioritize curiosity or innovation over trendy formula or any style entrenchment. His latest album is the soundtrack for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory video game. I'm not into games at all, hopefully the soundtrack has been released on Ninja Tunes.

On our way back we passed by the 'last arena' stage, where Hawkwind were playing their last track for the night and when the music ended their very last loud burst on the microphone was just one word: 'Hawkwind' !

In my next web-log I'll write about the 10 Days Off and the Gentse Feeste.
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Hey. This post might be out of line...
Lately I've had this urge to hear some good jazz.

I don't have friends who know what they're talking about when it comes to Jazz, so point me in the right direction.

Give me some names, albums, whatev.

Samples from a conversation at 'Electro-Funk roots' between Norman Cook and Greg Wilson

Greg Wilson: What do you think now of this current early-80's Proto-House revival, and just the renewed interest in the records that were released during this period and what was happening.

Norman Cook: Well a lot of those records still have the same charm, they still stand the test of time whereas a lot of dance music doesn't, it's very much there for six months and off. I'm more worried about Electroclash recycling all the worst bits of the 80's.

GW: I find it interesting from the fact that at least it's a kind of hybrid that's developing there and there's all sorts of ideas being thrown into the melting pot.

NC: I think the Electroclash thing is definitely listening too much to A Flock Of Seagulls and not enough to 'Egypt Egypt' (Egytptian Lover).

GW: But do you think it will evolve that way, that the people will eventually, again a bit like the way it was back then, like with yourself, you walked into a New Romantic / Futurist night hearing one side of things, but all of a sudden you were hearing something completely different that was taking you off in another direction.

Read it all at the source
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Hello all.
I'm searching for a certain Westbam recording, and figured this might be just the place to look.
I believe it's either his (y)2000 May Day or Love Parade (leaning towards Love Parade) performance, but the only thing I'm sure of is that he prominently samples Vitalic's 'La Rock'. Wondering what it is and where I might be able to find it. Thanks for your help.
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Delving into the world of Grime. You Sound Boy...

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Meat Beat Manifesto On Tour Right NOW!

I highly suggest that you run, don't walk, to your nearest venue of choice and check this show out...

This from

The new album AT THE CENTER came out Tuesday May 24th on Thirsty Ear. It’s the latest installment in Thirsty's Blue Series, which brings together leading electronic artists with live jazz musicians. Great press is showing up everywhere including a killer review in the current issue of The Wire. Keep an eye out for more reviews, and let us know what you think too. We aim to please. Being the first tour in seven years, the live show is shaping up to be something of a greatest hits show covering the length and breadth of Meat Beat’s illustrious career. It will also feature an amazing morphing light show and live video sampling on two big screens, directed by the one and only Ben Stokes. Your mind will be blown.

I got my ticket for the Detroit show in a couple of weeks, so you know I'm pretty psyched about this tour. It sounds like it's going to be excellent. If anyone is interested in tour news or other MBM related stuff, there's a decent messageboard at

One of the setlists looks like this:

i am electro
spinning 'round dub
shotgun blast
hello teenage america
radio babylon
?boss society or listen for the echo?
god O.D. pt.1
no purpose, no design
its the music
retrograde dub
nuclear bomb
helter skelter
she's unreal
i am a zombie
?unknown - tape lab thingee perhaps?
edge of no control pt.2
prime audio soup
house of god

footstep dub
book of shadows
Tino drum lesson(-esque)

What a sweet mix of old and new. I can't wait until next weekend.
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