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What is PostEverything?

What is PostEverything?

Back in the real world, where we live from day to day, we're working over the argument about whether music should be free. Being an independent site, carrying independent record labels by small artists the conclusion is: we'd love it if we could give away our work, but the world don't work like that and we still need to make a living.

So we thought we'd make it a bit harder for all those big companies by making it a bit easier to pay the artists and labels back for the work you appreciate in a more direct way, and provide some information and bring some people back into the world of sales.

I loved my old record shop. It wasn't a shopping thing, it was a social thing. I went into the shop, knew the guys behind the counter and the other customers, and we'd chat about records and what was going on. Moving to London I lost this feeling of community.

A couple of my friends, Tony and Colin, approached me about setting up a mail order site to help small labels: the ones whose records aren't stacked en mass at the front of Tower Records. Their labels were to act as a starting point, and the idea was to do what the internet was good at: allowing people with a specific, shared interest, and relate that back to other people, and to help develop that interest.

It's not any particular style of music, or any particular artists. We're not providing a cutting edge solution on Audio delivery because, frankly, the technology and economic structure is a bit weak for that at the moment. We've all got to eat, pay rent, and all that stuff.

So we're not producing any MP3s. There is music here you can listen to as RealAudio files, and there is even a random track selector ... It's not that we will never sell digital music, more that we haven't got the financial backing, nor do we intend to get it, to facilitate giving away people's music.

So instead we deal with CDs [those little shiny plastic discs that people make MP3s out of] or vinyl [those larger black plastic discs which a huge amount of music lovers out there like]. And we sell them [sorry you internet purists, but the web does actually make a good store front]. We're not being mercenary about it, quite the opposite. We hope you find our rates reasonable wherever you are in the world.

Another reason for PostEverything [or PE as we affectionately call it] is that we can reach a wider audience for our labels. We know that a lot of our records are hard to find, because we have too little stock or too small an audience, to get top quality distribution [no offence to our distributors, they have to eat too].

And because we work with a range of labels finding something on one label should lead you to us, and then on to more music from a wide range or artists.

So, take a trip with us away from the mainstream. Come on in and meet the family. And check back for new releases and labels.

Posted with permission from © Dorian Moore - 01/06/2001
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