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10 Days Off and Gentse Feesten report

The 20 July was the Eskimo label night at the 10 Days Off in Gent.
The Juan MacLean was replaced at last minute by Whitey [a.k.a. Nathan J. Whitey] which we, too bad for both p.a., just missed. My Los Angeles tea-mate and myself went down one level and checked the Black Strobe duo which had just started. I wasn't impressed at all by their plain boring, EBM influenced, serial hypnotic Techno, dog tail chasing, harsh and soul lacking, monotonous DJ set. Black Strobe: give me a break (and not just dropping down the bass kick and back in again). Deja vu ! Nothing innovative comes from that truly over-hyped duo. Some in the crowd do not know better and sort of faked enthusiasm for their tedious approach to electronic music. I don't know why these two guys are so blatantly promoted everywhere, this is ballyhoo ! 'Yes, but ... m ... it's Black Strobe!' told me one of the party promoter. Exactly it's that: a name and we had enough of that name pushing in the past.

Now the real dope came from the Lotterboys doing it live. An electro punk funk formation made by Fetisch (a.k.a. Terranova) including Shapemod (Terranova), Paris The Black Fu (Detroit Grand Pubas) and Yuko.

This was a great frolicsome p.a. with drops of whiskey provided from the hand of Paris. I also enjoyed DJ Naughty and The Glimmers on the turntables.

I could catch again one half of The Glimmers duo on the decks again, a few nights later for the last date in the Gentse Feesten (25th) at the Charlatan Deluxe party and it was good. We arrived at that spot quite late , as we hanged around all places in the big street celebration that is de Gentse Feesten. Most of the people in the Charlatan where on the patio outside, catching the first ray of sun. This left much more place for my body rockin' on the dance-floor when I wasn't sharing some deep or fun and even preposterous stories with my friends on the patio.

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