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"Get Lei'd @ 20Live" - August 6th - Atlanta - FREE DRINKS, 9+ DJs, Laser Show, and MUCH MORE!!!!

"Get Lei'd @ 20Live" - 20Live's Grand Opening on August 6th

Featuring in the Main Room:

Factor E. (afterdark records, 20k Freaks, Skuff - Tampa, FL)
J-Break (afterdark records, Cyberian Knights, Distorted Records, Painted Puppy - Tampa, FL)
DJ Viro (941 Electro, Kaleidiscope Music, Nulogic Records - Tampa, FL)
Dijital Therapy vs Sytrix (N2it, Jinn in a Bottle - Atlanta, GA)
DJ B-Naut (42MegaTon Productions, Old Skool Entertainment - Atlanta, GA)

Plus FOUR other DJs performing on the Rear Patio including:
Torpor (Detoured Souls - ATL), Yoshin (Jinn In A Bottle - (ATL), Tectonic (Legacy, Full Frontal Entertainment - ATL), and Seraph Alden (Connectivity Music, Jinn In A Bottle - ATL).

Full triple-source laser show will be provided by Dream Beamz.
Animations and visuals on the Big Screens provided by DJ B-Naut and 42MegaTon Productions.

18 to party 21 to drink!

Avoid the line at the box office! CLICK HERE to purchase your tickets through or call Ticket Alternative direct at 877 7 ALT TIX (877 725 8849). (Details regarding admission pricing are behind the cut.)

Directions courtesy of MapQuest. CLICK HERE to see where 20Live is.

20Live is located at:
1599 Memorial Drive SE
Atlanta, GA 30317
Phone #: (770)826-8164

I am thrilled to be promoting and producing this party along with Jinn In A Bottle, Evil-Iz-Me, 42MegaTon Productions, and Old Skool Entertainment. This will be the first ever event at 20Live and I want everyone to come out to have a good time. To give you a little more insight, I have spoken with the venue owner and I have found out that he will not have a liquor license in time for this event. What does that mean for this event? That means that we cannot possibly sell a drop of alcohol. So we've decided since we cannot possibly sell alcoholic drinks, that WE'LL JUST GIVE FREE DRINKS AWAY! Thats right! 100% FREE! Complimentary drinks will be available to EVERYONE until last call! No catch. No gimmicks. Drink till you get your fill, just don't get ill.

We are selling pre-sale tickets through Ticket Alternative. TicketAlternative is doing a "will call" (that is, purchasing your admission online to have your name on advanced Guest List at the door, allowing you to walk in instantly when you arrive at the event). If you purchase your admission online, it will be VERY important to have your ID with you! That's how we will look your name up on the list. In other words: if you have NO ID, we have NO MEANS of telling if you really bought a ticket! So make sure you bring those IDs!



UNDER 21 pre-sale: $12
UNDER 21 at the door: $15
This will get you in the door and complimentary non-alcolholic drinks all night.

OVER 21 pre-sale: $17
OVER 21 at the door: $20
This will get you in the door and complimentary non-alcolholic or alcoholic drinks all night.

VIP UNDER 21:$25
VIP OVER 21:$30
This will get you VIP Access and complimentry drinks all night.

VIP Access includes:

1) Personalized flyer signed by all three headlining DJs (Viro, J-Break & Factor-e).
2) Access to the VIP Areas.
3) Meet and greet with the headlining DJs (Viro, J-Break & Factor-e).
4) Promotional CD from DJ Viro.

Assorted promotional items from both DJs J-Break and Factor-e will also be made available to VIP members only (i.e. signed vinyl , CDs, etc.).

DJ XtaC and I just got back from a meeting with the new owner of 20Live. We conformed that the rennovations are still under way but will be done prior to the event. This place has it all. We're talking plush couches in both VIP areas. They have a marble wet bar in the front room with saltwater fishtanks at your feet. The DJ booth has been lifted much higher than where it was with a full stage below it in the Main Room. An all new JBL speaker system has been installed with double 18-inch bass bins on each side of the stage. Flatscreen plasma screens will be on the walls throughout the club. This place it looking HOT, y'all! Pictures of the new interior of 20Live will be made available soon so y'all can get a preview of all the new flavor.

Presale tickets through are NOW OPEN! CLICK HERE to purchase your tickets online or call Ticket Alternative direct at 877 7 ALT TIX (877 725 8849). (All tickets ordered by phone are subject to an additional $1.00 surcharge on top of Ticket Alternative's $4.50 Handling Fee.) Ticket Alternative has all the details you need to come out to party with us, complete with directions courtesy of MapQuest, flyer, date, and all that good stuff.

Two words y'all: EYE CANDY! 42MegaTon Productions is proud to deliver full custom visuals being projected in the Main Stage. We're talking about full animations, video, and still images thrown into a 3-D environment and then warped on the fly all night long! We got the kind of designs to blow your mind! To top that off, Dream Beamz will be providing a triple-source multi-colored laser show to pump up the crowd.

Plus, Zack Price will be adding over 3,000 watts of thundering sound to the event.

If you're not already itching to come party with us August 6th at might wanna check to see if you're still breathing! This Grand Opening party is gonna be off the chain!!!


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