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Graduation money well-spent:

1)"black martini: la musique lounge moderne"
Added yet another great cd to my Water Music Records collection. It's jazzier than the White counterpart and I think I actually favor this one at the moment. It suits my current mood nicely, at least. White is a bit more up beat while Black is more down tempo. Definitely a great addition to the Water Music Label.

Kinkysweet Recordings is another label I've been turned on to recently. My first acquisition of theirs was "Afterdark: Paris" and so far, this label has yet to disappoint. Midnight soul is a collection of "contemporary soul...with a touch of house" and it is a lovely blend. Really soulful stuff with some great beats. Suitable for dancing or just listening. Another good choice from Kinkysweet.

3)"AFTERDARK: Chicago"
I'm trying to equilibrize my collection of Kinkysweet with my collection of Water Music albums. Afterdark Chicago was a necessary purchase as I am a huge fan of down tempo, funky house. Lots of good jazzy vibes on this one. A through-and-through great listen with a nice selection of house, direct from Chicago, "the birthplace of house music."

4)Michael Buble-"Michael Buble"
I know Buble isn't the best jazz singer out there (still damn good, though), but I saw "Moondance" on the track list and had to pick it up. The rest of the cd turned out really well, also.

5)Chris Botti-"When I Fall in Love"
Chris Botti is a jazz trumpeter who was on Oprah one time. What an amazing talent this guy is. I had a different set of expectations for this guy (I'm not quite sure what they were at this point in time) but it is an album that does not disappoint. Such a great tone. A great jazz cd all around. According to one of my female friends, guys who play this for their dates will automatically get some. I think I'll just take her word for it.

6)nine inch nails-"further down the spiral"
A good collection of remixes from "The Downward Spiral" album. The "the art of self destruction" triology is quite good. "hurt (quiet)" is basically "hurt" without the minute-and-a-half of white noise sampling. A good cd, but I would only really recommend it to fans.

7)Eric B. & Rakim-"GOLD"
A 2-cd compilation of greatest hits from Eric B. & Rakim. Really quite good. I was afraid I'd only like one track ("Don't Sweat the Technique") but my confidence in the old-school hip-hop genre prevailed and this turned out to be a worthwhile buy. It's got some good remixes tossed in, too. Definitely pick up if you like the genre, or if, on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, you listen to Wildstyle Pirate Radio.

8)Daft Punk-"Human After All"
I had been waiting on my friend to burn me a copy of this cd for awhile, but I'm glad I bought it. It's such a great cd. It's so weird. Really great though. Awesome dance cd. Funky, too. Synthesized vocals, good beats, the whole daft bit. Really quite good.

9)Steely Dan-"two against nature"
Not bad. Falls a little bit below expectations. Still listenable though. About half of it is good tracks. The other a little sleepy? I'm not sure what to think about this cd just yet. I'm sure I'll still listen to it anyway. It's decent. By the way, can anyone suggest a Steely Dan album? I've been hooked on Royal Scam as of late. I heard "Everything Must Go" is really good. Can anyone confirm/deny/recommend? Thanks.

Well, there you have it. Feel free to comment. :)
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