Saru Bobo Kun (saruryujin) wrote in _thelounge,
Saru Bobo Kun

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Delving into the world of Grime. You Sound Boy...

Grime is absolutely the new Drum & Bass!

Grime is a deep frozen, thousand-tonne Commodore-64/Atari’sh drum’n’bass sound with dub, rap and dark sample thrown in. Rap over an updated Throbbing Gristle soundtrack, YMO on the telly not quite tuned in, De La Soul on the wrong drugs. All rough and in the underground

It's instrumental dance music, but it's the perfect forum for the best MC's and vocalists.

The crowd sings along when it can,
though the effort feels like placing a bucket under a waterfall.

Will grime pay ?


6 Foot Under ...
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