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Meat Beat Manifesto On Tour Right NOW!

I highly suggest that you run, don't walk, to your nearest venue of choice and check this show out...

This from

The new album AT THE CENTER came out Tuesday May 24th on Thirsty Ear. It’s the latest installment in Thirsty's Blue Series, which brings together leading electronic artists with live jazz musicians. Great press is showing up everywhere including a killer review in the current issue of The Wire. Keep an eye out for more reviews, and let us know what you think too. We aim to please. Being the first tour in seven years, the live show is shaping up to be something of a greatest hits show covering the length and breadth of Meat Beat’s illustrious career. It will also feature an amazing morphing light show and live video sampling on two big screens, directed by the one and only Ben Stokes. Your mind will be blown.

I got my ticket for the Detroit show in a couple of weeks, so you know I'm pretty psyched about this tour. It sounds like it's going to be excellent. If anyone is interested in tour news or other MBM related stuff, there's a decent messageboard at

One of the setlists looks like this:

i am electro
spinning 'round dub
shotgun blast
hello teenage america
radio babylon
?boss society or listen for the echo?
god O.D. pt.1
no purpose, no design
its the music
retrograde dub
nuclear bomb
helter skelter
she's unreal
i am a zombie
?unknown - tape lab thingee perhaps?
edge of no control pt.2
prime audio soup
house of god

footstep dub
book of shadows
Tino drum lesson(-esque)

What a sweet mix of old and new. I can't wait until next weekend.
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