May 29th, 2005

jm, where the light is

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Tower spree today. Here's the rundown:

1) American Idol 4: Showstoppers
Don't buy it. Download the mp3's off of Save 15 dollars.

2) Afterdark: Paris
This is really good. The excerpt on the back of the cd says, "The Afterdark series delivers blissfully hip sounds from the most socmopolitan cities around the world. This edition brings us to Paris, where Afro-beat influenced funk, soul and house reverberate from a city thriving on all things chic and sexy." Whatever. It's a really good 2-cd set. Mellow, yet alive and upbeat grooves. Definitely worth picking up if you like the style. If anybody has any of the other Afterdark series, please let me know what you think. They had a couple others there that I considered before I got Paris.

3) Jack Johnson-"In Between Dreams"
Before I bought this cd, I had only heard bits and pieces of his songs. Never really a whole song at a time. But I bought it anyway, because Jack Johnson kicks ass. Think of John Mayer as a surfer, and you have something similar to Jack Johnson. It's a really good cd. He's just a really good guitar player. His lyrics and stuff are pretty good, too, but being a guitar player I focus on that. It's hard to imagine someone really detesting this album. I love it. Moving on...

4) Motown Remixed
Wow. As if Motown didn't kick enough ass already, someone had to go and make a collection of super badass remixes of some Motown classics. I'm listening to this right now. The remixes aren't too different from the orignials (except for maybe "ABC" which has some funky sitar shit laid on the "Get Low" drum beat. It still sounds tight, though.) so it still has the Motown soul, but with some new feeling to it. If you like Motown, remixes, Motown remixes, and badass music. This is a good one.

other notes:

I bought Michael Buble-"It's Time" and Dave Matthews Band-"Stand Up" from Starbucks on Thursday. Michael Buble is really good. Great jazz singer.
They made this cd in a format that is not compatible with Windows Media Player, iPods OR iTunes. Way to go, you stupid shits. I thought DMB was supposed to be all for getting music out to the people and the whole free music revolution. How can we do this when you make the cd incompatible with 3 of the leading mp3 players? If there's some secret I'm missing here, feel free to enlighten me. I would appreciate it.