The Kurt Squad

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We are the Kurt Squad. Obviously, this is a community for Kurt Cobain. However, you must apply with a special application. Yes it is special.

The application is as followed;




Favorite Nirvana Song:

Name three Nirvana songs that are not on the Nevermind album:

Do you own any Nirvana CDs?

Do you own any Nirvana memorabilia? E.g: T-shirts, Hoodies, Hats, etc.

Tell us where you were when you found out about Kurt's death (if you can, depending on your age):

What do you think about his death? Suicide? Murder? Explain and use evidence, if possible (a paragraph in length, which is three to six sentences}:

Instructions are now 'dumbed' down due to some people (said by Fizt):
#1. Read above. You see how it says 'To join this community, click here' ? Well, click it. And YOU'RE IN. Now that wasn't so hard right?
#2. To post in this community, on the top of this page, click on and that will let you post.
#3. When you first post, you MUST copy the application form, which is above the instructions.
#4. You have to fill EVERYTHING OUT. Kapeesh?

Just Because Chelsea and I run the community does not mean you post your application on our journals. -.-


+ Being rude to other users in this community is unacceptable. Take it elsewhere.

+ Talking trash about Kurt is a definite No. If we find you doing this, you'll be banned.

+ You must get at least six yes' in order to be accepted in this community.

+ If you get a no, don't cry over it and talk shit to the members. If you do this, you'll be banned.

+ If we don't like you, you won't be accepted and your application will be deleted.

+ Within 24 hours of joining, you must post your application.

+ After being accepted, you can talk about anything relating to Kurt Cobain and Nirvana.

+ If you fuck up your application after you post it, do not edit it or delete it.

+ If you get six yes', you'll be stamped by a maintainer.

+ If you're rejected you may try out again in a week or two.

This community is maintained by: 5cm & fizt