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The Inferno

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This is the brand new community for the upcoming show, The Inferno, soon to premier on MTV. Post pictures from the show, what you think will happen, or just who you think should be voted off next. Just have fun. The show is on Mondays on the "10 spot". So watch and particpate.

Cast for this season Read World vs. Road Rules challenge:
From Real World...
Ace Real World 13
CT Real World 13
Leah Real World 13
Mallory Real World 13
Trishelle Real World 12
Coral Real World 10
Mike Real World 10
Julia Real World 9
David Real World 7
Syrus Real World 6
From the Road Rules team...
Abe Road Rules 12
Christena Road Rules 12
Jeremy Road Rules 12
Darrell Road Rules 11
Kendal Road Rules 11
Shane Road Rules 11
Katie Road Rules 10
Veronica Road Rules 8
Holly Road Rules 7
Timmy Road Rules 2
And the host...
Dave Mirra
maintainer: deathxboy
mod: roger_dodger_
mod #2: immortalpudding
mod #3: roxstarniki