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hey whats up. ive been watching real world since the chicago season. about a month ago, we had a battle of the sexes at my school, and mike & leah came. if your interested ill post pictures.

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OMG!!! I'm so happy the show is back on soon! I am like obsessed with it...It's my favorite show! :o) but neways...who do you think is gunna win or want to win? The nice or the badasses???? It's hard to choose from b/c i like players from both sides :-(
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OT: gmail

Last week I had 4, but for some reason, now I have 50 gmail invites!!

If you want one e-mail me at sariah8 (at) livejournal (dot) com. Make sure you include your name.

if you have a friend that you know wants one too, give me their email address and name as well.

I know this is off-topic, so if the mods have an issue with it, they can delete it. If not, then don't complain about it, just ignore it.
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Ok, i have to say this, enough with the posting of the cast of battle of the sexes 2. Everyone always posts it and quite frankly, its enough. Im sure we've all read the cast already so theres no need to post it anymore. Sorry if im comming off rude, but someones gotta say it. NO MORE CAST POSTING OF bots2!!!!