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classic horror films

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This community is for everyone who loves classic horror films.
This community is maintained by blackrocket.

*No fighting.
*No advertising.
*Keep the chatting to the topic - CLASSIC HORROR FILMS.
*Have fun + try to enjoy yourself.

alfred hitchcock, alien, alien movies, blood, candyman, cannibals, carrie, cat's eye, child's play, children of the corn, chuckie, classic horror films, classic horror movies, classic movies, cujo, darkman, dawn of the dead, donnie darko, dracula, ed gein, edgar allan poe, edward scissorhands, elephant man, evil dead, flowers in the attic, frankenstein, friday the 13th, ghost stories, graveyard shift, gremlins, halloween, hannibal, haunted houses, headless horsemen, hellraiser, horror, horror films, horror movies, house of 1000 corpses, house of the dead, house on haunted hill, interview with a vampire, it, jaws, jeepers creepers, john carpenter's vampires, john wayne gacy, johnny the homicidal maniac, killer klowns, lasthouseontheleft, leprechaun, leprechaun in da hood, misery, nightmare on elm street, norman bates, old movies, phantom of the opera, poltergeist, prom night, psycho, pumpkin head, pumpkinhead, puppet master, rocky horror picture show, rosemary's baby, salem's lot, scary movies, serial killers, silence of the lambs, silent hill, single white female, sleepy hollow, species, stephen king, stephen king's it, stigmata, tales from the crypt, texas chainsaw massacre, the amityville horror, the birds, the blair witch, the blob, the craft, the cryptkeeper, the elephant man, the evil dead, the exorcist, the funhouse, the gate, the haunted, the haunting, the howling, the lost boys, the omen, the prophecy, the relic, the shining, the texas chainsaw massacre, the thing, the watchers, thrillers, urban legend, urban legends, vampires, van helsing, welcome to the dollhouse, werewolves, wes craven, what lies beneath, wishmaster, witches, zombies