Thursdays child (eat_me_drink_me) wrote in _thehorror,
Thursdays child


im trying to remember the name of a horror that i think is 80's but could be early 90's.
my memory of it is vauge so sorry if this description is pretty shit :s

this man finds a way into a demon world. i think the scene where he finds it envolves a cutish demon creature that is dieing because its in the 'human' world and he helps it back into the demon one.

the only other definitive point i can remember is a characteur with a blue cresent moon shaped head that is one of the 'good' guys and is helping the man.

i think there also an evil demon characteur thats red.

ugh-dunno if thats enough for anyone to go on. i know its a long shot but does anyone know what im talking about?

thanks for any help ^_^

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