March 25th, 2010

Chester Greves the Caretaker for Grimmst

New scam emails that you should be aware of. PLS FWD

New scam emails that you should be aware of. PLS FWD

I have received 2 emails to 2 of my email accounts, my personal and business account (Batsday(at)aol(dot)com). I wanted to pass this info along to you so that you can pass this info along to others. I did do my research about this before I decided to post about it. What was weird about these emails is that they looked like they came from people with in the Dark Alternative Subculture. The companies that the emails look like they are coming from are real companies, but they were not actually sent from them.

Both of the emails were from different people but had the same message. "Went on vacation to the UK, got mugged, only have passports, but cant pay hotel to be able to leave. Please send money to help. Promise to pay back."

I have done the research and it turns out that these email accounts were in fact hacked and the person who is trying to scam you out of your money is using these emails to get you away from your money. DO NOT RESPOND OR SEND ANY MONEY TO THEM.

In fact, one of companies has this listed on their website.

While I was sick this week, someone hacked my email account and sent out thousands of emails claiming I was in London and needed money. This was not me. I am fine. Still a little under the weather but not in London. The problem has been taken care of and I apologize to anyone who got the email. You can contact me again at my regular email address again."

I have included the emails under the cut so that you can see what was sent to me.

Please forward this to anyone that you think should know about this.

fake emails under hereCollapse )

Thank you for reading and please forward this to anyone you may think needs to know about this.

Noah K
Founder / Executive Producer
Bats Day in the Fun Park