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Should you be here?

To help you answer your question, ask yourself these questions;

♥ Do you have what it takes to stand on the frontline?

♥ Do you find yourself beautiful, intelligent, and confident??

♥ Can you back up your opinions and hold your own?

Well, it doesn't really matter what you think, it's about what we think.

We, here at _Thefrontline, look for people who possess a great confindence. We find it is important to have people in this community, who can hold up an intelligent conversation, can back up their opinions as well as give reasons why they support the things they support. We aren't just about looks here, although, looks are a deciding factor. We're looking for the rare breed. People who have the beauty and the brains. This is going to be a difficult task at hand, but if you think you have what it takes, show us what you have to offer. Everyone is given equal oppurtunities here, we just can't help it if you suck. :)

For applicants

1.) This community is a 15+ community. If you are younger than 15 and feel that you should still be allowed to apply, email the maintainer at elle1016@hotmail.com.

2.) You are asked to post your application within a week upon joining the community. Any later than a week, you will be removed from the community, possibly even banned.

3.)You will be stamped after 2 days of voting. (stamped means rejected or accepted)

4.) You may reply to comments on your application only, until you are stamped. Then, if we accept you, you then may start posting comments on other applications and such.

5.) Messing with, or personally attacking stamped members will result in you becoming banned from the community all together. </b>
6.)You may promote your other communities, only if you are accepted, and the promotions MUST go under an lj-cut. Also, you must promote our community in that one as well.

For Stamped Members

1.)Remain active! If you will not be active for a certain amount of time, allow us to know so that you will not be banned from the community!

2.)Vote based on both looks and opinions. I personally think you should take the opinions and application into concideration before the pics, but do as you please.

3.)When posting your vote, make sure you put "YES" or "NO" in the subject line.

4.)Allow the applicant to understand why you liked/did not like them. Elaborate on why you voted how you did.

5.)Be as kind as possible. I know the applicant applied here for the truth, but everyone has feelings! Be gentle!

6.)Don't let the applicants run over top of you. You are stamped, they are not. If you are having a conflict with an applicant, bring it to my attention. I'll handle it.

7.)Put STAMPED, in your subject line when posting anything.

8.)You may post anything you want. Pictures, events, anything interesting GO FOR IT! This is your community, Embrace it!

Just Copy and Paste what's in the text box. This is your application, complete with LJ-CUT and all! Aren't I nice?



this is where your user name and pic will go if you are accepted!

_prettygems JOIN TODAY! Very active!