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You see I cannot be forsaken
Because I'm not the only one
We walk amongst you feeding, raping
Must we hide from everyone?


Map of Deruta
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Warning this RP deals with adult situations.
For a complete list of all characters in the rp so far, as well as some example races and species, click Here
For a list of who plays who and contact info for each player click Here

Time period: Modern day
Twist: Vampires and supernatural creatures or well known and in some places accepted.
Planet: Deruta, planet very much like earth (climate wise, water, and land masses)
Location: On an island called Diavolesc
Major Cities on the island: Vite and Tainuit

Information: The island of Diavolesc is divided between humans and the supernatural. The city of Tainuit is where many of the supernatural creatures of that area live. It is a place where they do not have to hide who and what they are. Every kind of supernatural creature is welcomed there. Humans are allowed with in the city limits at there own risk, most humans wont go into the city unless they are offered protection by one of the creatures living there.
Just like any other city or area of this world some of the supernatural have divided into broods and groups. The others go alone and belong to no one, they are under there own protection.

The city closest to Tainuit, Vite, is frequented with supernatural creatures. Since it is the closest city it has many attacks from creatures and has since put into place more police and guards. When supernatural creatures try to enter Vite they now must hide who they are and hunt in secret. But despite the increase in guards/police many creatures still travel to Vite in search of supplies, food, and at times entertainment.

The city of Tainuit is rumored to not exist, to be a myth or legend of sorts. Even the human city of Vite, that tends to have constant supernatural encounters, does not fully believe the city exists even though it is a mere few hours away from it. Humans are still in denial about supernatural kinds and many have flat out refusing to accept the idea. But just as there are those who refuse to believe, there are those that believe every piece of supernatural lore that they hear.

The people, cities, religions, holidays, technologies are all similar to modern day earth. Also this RP does not follow rules or laws used by table top games (whitewolf and such) Or Ann Rice books. There are similiarities but other things are different. If you have questions on how something would be in the game just email or message me and ask ;)


The Rules

1. No god characters. Everyone has weaknesses…
2. No killing off any other character without there permission.
3. If you want to make a comment about something out of character, just put "OOC" (stands for out of character) before your comment. Example: ooc: Im loving this.
4. Please try to remember to put a day and time at the beginning of your post. Look at the most recent post in the community to see what day it is.
5. No negative comments or bad mouthing the muns (example: you write bad, you suck, etc.) If you do you will be banned.
6. Sexual post are allowed in the community but its prefered to keep it in your characters personal journal. Sexual ideas/plots and thoughts are allowed in the community. If you have post that deals with strong sexual content please put a warning.
7. Please try to read the other character's private journals. It gives more insight into there characters.
8. Any character in the rp (new and old) needs to be played at least like 1-2 times every 2 weeks or less. This goes for everyone. This rule is in affect for all characters unless they are characters for specific plots or there is a circumstance with your character that you talk with me or Felicia about. I would also like to add that if you can not keep up with your characters to either write them out, offer them to another character to play, kill them, or some other method to allow them to be used.
If you are suspended for not playing your character for two weeks, without notice, you may be allowed to come back into the rp after explaining to me or the comod why you were absent. If the reason is understandable your character will be allowed off suspension. If your character is suspended a SECOND time you will be banned from the community. If you are going to be gone or things are hectic just let us know, it is not difficult, email..post...message...anything to keep us up to date on your characters status.
9. If you leave the rp for more then a month, after informing a mod that you will be gone for awhile, you will be removed from the community. If you would like to be re-added simply email me and we will discuss it. (Note this does not go for general absence from the community. This rule is if you have INFORMED us you are going to be gone but dont say how long. After a month if we get no word from you, we will email you once, we will assume you are gone. If you do NOT inform us of absence your character will be kept under number the #8 rule)
10. The only post that should be in the main forsaken community are ones that can be rped with. If your post has your character going to sleep, leaving the city for awhile, or any other acts that make it so other players can NOT interact with you in that post then it is not to be in the rp community. Those posts are to go into your personal journals. Exception to this rule is when there is something VERY important in that non rpable post that the community needs to know. (Example: Verlassen leaving the city, everyone had to know that he was gone.) Another exception is if it is a non other character rpable post BUT you plan on continuing the post (fight scence, character self interaction that will take up a few comments) If the post is to not be continued with then it needs to be moved.
If me or the comod see a post as unrpable we will comment to it with a warning, asking you to move it to there journals, and if is not removed by the end of the day we will email you the text of the post and delete it.
11. If you are going to be gone for awhile or things are hectic in your life please let us know so we know what is going on with you and know what to expect of your character.

Thank you


If you would like to join this rp please fill out a character sheet which can be found here. Then email it to me or my comod at darkened_lust@hotmail.com (me) or gothchick_16@hotmail.com(comod). Please include in the subject line of the email that the email is for _theforsaken_. Once I or she approves you, you will be added and allowed to post as often as you wish. Everyone is free to join, the more people the better.



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