_TheForsaken_: An Original PB Supernatural Game

An elder battle left the city of Tainuit prey to human eyes. The secluded nature of the city was lost, ripped away by war and violence. The humans could no longer deny the presence of supernaturals, they could no longer hide away in their ignorance. The world was changed forever, altered by the act of one. A domino affect that spread quickly through the world.

With a new war hanging in the air like the sharp blade of a scythe seeking to tear the world in two, some sought escape and those few caused another ripple that sent the city of Tainuit into another tailspin of confusion and chaos.

A backfired spell tore Tainuit away from its human ties. Breaking the island that it shared with a human city in two and once again leaving the supernatural city unseen to the world. A new veil covered its shores, leaving the humans to wonder if it was all a dream. Will there be peace? Or will war return?

Find your way to the hidden shores of the Forgotten Island; stand alongside other supernatural and lost souls, watch as the future unfolds.

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Monday....The funeral....

Kai awoke with tears already in his eyes. He had slept all day, taking some time to try to clear his head before he had to go to the funeral and act as though everything was fine and that he was the strong prince of the city. The house was a buzz with noise when he did get up, guards quickly getting everyoen ready and to the cemetray on time. Kai dressed slowly, Twink watching him silently with Angel in her arms. Kai didnt say a word the whole way to the cemetary, leading Twink and Angel to there spots and watching as people arrived. He had been informed that people had been coming and going all day, paying respects to the once great Prince Lucian. Looking out over the people it seemed like the entire city ahd come to see Lucian to rest, he had been a well loved man. Kai recoginized many people in the crowd though he did not go and say hello's, no he coudlnt handle all of that right now. Right now he just wished to get this underway so that things could that Lucian could rest.

When the sun was completly gone from the sky and the crowd had slowly calmed there voices Kai stood and took his spot at the small podium that they had set up. "Thank you all...for coming to see Lucian Cernunnos put to rest. Lucian was a great Prince to this city and I only hope that I can be as great as he was. Lucian loved all things in life, cherished all of the good things and treated everyone with a kind respect." Kai paused, running a hand through his hair as he took a deep breath. "Lucian lived a long life and I know that he did not fear he knew he had lived very well and as he told me before he died, he was ready for eternal sleep." Kai paused again, tears threatening to fall. "May he join his daughter Nyx and with her always watch over us all. I know that where ever he is that he is smileing...that contagious smile of his...and I know....that he would wish for us to not be filled with sorrow....but with love and knowning that he will forever be at our sides...." Kai trailed off, shaking his head slightly. "I loved you father...may you rest in peace..."

Kai stepped down from the poteum, taking his seat next to Twink who squeezed his hand tightly, tears falling down her face as Angel curled tightly in his mothers arms. Kai's face was of stone, using whatever strength he could muster to stay calm...tears wished to form, aching in his chest painfully but the pain just mingling with the pain from his still healing ribs.

People filtered up the the podeum one by one, saying small prays or stories about Lucian but it was all a blur to Kai, he heard very little of what was said and the only thing that brought him back was when Lucain's casket was lowered into the ground and began to be buried, a choir singing loudly, the musical notes filling the cold chilly night air. "Goodbye father..." Kai said softly as Angel crawled into his lap in tears. Kai held his son softly, rocking him back and forth as he stayed strong for them...for the city. A priest said a few last words and with the moon high in the sky the funeral was over and Lucian's body was buried deep in the ground next to Nyx's.

Sunday Night

Dru couldnt do it....she couldnt watch as another friend was put in the ground...Nyx was hard enough...Dru had felt like she died that day...but now Lucian. "Its too fucking much" Dru's bags were already packed, boxes already shoved into her jeep. Her apartment looked was depressing really...but she had already cried her tears for today. She locked the door and stoped by the managers office to drop off the key before getting in her jeet and driving to Raina and Kaelas's place. They had agreed to leave with her, after much debate, and Dru had forced them to promise to not tell Matthias that she was leaving with them. She got out of her jeep and quickly walked up the stairs and knocked on the door to Raina and Kaelas's.

Saturday Afternoon

Feeling restless and caged in this town DayDre decided it was time for a change.
"I don't think I will ever return to this place." she said pulling her hair back and getting ready to leave. She walked to the edge of town toward the cliffs. She wasn't taking anything with her but the money she had she could have the rest in her accounts transfered to her next home if she decided to find one.
"I leave this place for adventure for a new start, Let's hope I find that or I may end up back here."
She sighed and opened her wings ready to fly herself away from here
"Goodbye everyone."
With her final goodbye she rose into the air flying away toward the horizon....

Saturday late afternoon

Wiping the tears from her face Lily slowly packed her things, her face was lined with her tears, she didn't want to go to Lucian's funeral. She couldn't bear to see him like that, and didn't want to remember what had happened, even though he sacrificed himself for someone else's life it greived her to think of that. In her mind she kept seeing his lifeless body in Kai's arms and it was too much the pain in her heart was unbearable
"Goobye you forsaken city, I can't take this hurt and pain any longer"
Wiping her face she boarded a boat and went to her lodgings on the boat and set her stuff down. Curling around herself on the samll bed she cried more as the boat sailed away from Tainuit
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Sunday late morning/afternoon

Kai stifled a yawn as he padded out of his office and into the livingroom, collapsing onto the couch. He hadnt slept in the last day or so and it was taking its toll on his still healing ribs. The bruises had started to fade, though they were still noticable. Kai unbuttoned the shirt to feel his ribs slightly, the guards looked over slightly that walked through the room to get to a new guard post. "How are they sir?" one asked looking at Kai with concern. "healing...slowly." Kai wrapped the shirt a bit around him, it still unbuttoned as he lay his head back on the couch. The preperations for the funeral were finished...finally. It would be held tomorrow just after sunset, Lucian would have wanted for everyone to be able to come if they felt so inclined. It would be open to everyone in the city, the gravesight would be available all day though, allowing people to come and go and pay there respects. Flowers and cards had already been sent to the house, piled in a room and Kai had yet to sort through them all yet....

Very early Sunday morning

Rowan quickly flew back to his and Sorin's apartment, Sorin angrily pacing back and forth waiting for his brother who seemed to be ignoring his calls. Sorin was already angry before all of this, the fight at Abyss had NOT helped his mood in the least and when he had to quickly leave Raen because of Rozlyn it had only inscreased his Rowan....he was not calm...not in the least. Sorin had already written a letter, while he was waiting for Rowan, and mailed it to Raen, he had no time to deliver it. From what he found out Roz had left early last night, taking off and leaving everything behind. Sorin looked up angrly as his brother landed but the look on his brothers face stopped all words that he had planned to say. "Rowan...what happened?"

Leaving NOW

Xen stepped out of the bar he was in and glanced back. A few random people killed-killed, not drained, he was far too angry to eat tonight- tables tossed around, general havoc wreaked upon the place. And why? Because his stupid sister had to go and do something brainless.
Busting-literally- through the door of the hotel, he threw people out of his way as he headed to the room, where he threw open the door. He was getting Loni and going. Coming here was a bad idea and he wasn't letting his sister get sucked into something she-or he- would likely NOT make it out of alive.
I snatched Loni up by the arm, she was half asleep so she wouldn't struggle. -half asleep during the night... this guy was going to get her killed.
"Volondra, we're going," I growled, grabbing my bag and proceeding to carry her out the door. She wouldn't have walked, that I knew. She also wouldn't have stuggled as hard as I would hold her. She wouldn't hurt me, I wouldnt hurt her if she didn't struggle. Neither of us meant for that dream to come true.
She screamed to be let go, but I wasn't having it. We were leaving this city- this whole damn island- and not coming back.

Saturday, late night

Raen led Sorin back to her hotel. Walking inside she threw her jacket down on the bed, slightly stirring both kittens but neither of them waking up. "You can go ahead and use the shower if you'd like. Make yourself at home." She shook her head and laughed, how anyone could make themself at home in a hotel was beyond her imagination. She sat down next to the phone and picked it up, dialing the number of the realtor. She was determined to buy that house as soon as possible.